Thursday, September 1, 2011

Accepting what you cannot change... And What's Your Song? Link Up!

I will be the first to admit that I am a stresser... You name it.. I've stressed about it... I stress to the point that it sometimes physically hurts me or makes me ill... it's really kind of sick that I let things affect me this way... One thing I have been working on for a while is finding God's peace in all things and laying it down at the foot of the cross.. I sometimes feel like I am doing a lot better at not being anxious but it all things going to Him who comforts me in prayer and feeling the peace he brings. BUT.. I am human... and sometimes it gets the best of me anyways... on days like last night!!

I am officially in 4 classes and they are JAM PACKED I know that I could lighten my course load but I am really pushing towards graduation and don't want to put it off a whole semester just because of 2 extra classes you know? Well I started to read all my course outlines and plan out in my planner what is due by when and what reading I have etc... and let me tell you... this is going to be ONE INSANE QUARTER!! I have 3 classes that end at the end of oct and then two more that pick up and end in dec and math that goes from now til dec... and holy cannoli I have a crazzzzy semester in front of me!! Currently I am taking a old testament bible class, a intro to christian counseling class, a teaching the bible and religion class and the math class and I definitely have my work cut out for me between the insane amounts of reading, tests, papers, journals, discussion boards... wowza!

Anyways what really got me on this topic is that I have found while I am in school I just don't have enough time!! I have soo many things I want to do, want to be a part of, want to accomplish, but school often lingers over that between school, my daughter, and house work I sometimes feel like I barely have time to breath...

Here's a list of the things I have been thinking about a lot lately and want to do/be.... To start off we have school and the fact that I desperately am pushing to be a straight A student because I REALLY want to graduate with honors next fall.. I will be sad if I don't!! Then there is the fact that I want to be the best most involved hands on mommy taking Kaylee to the park, on fun adventures like the zoo and museums, and playing fun things at home! I want to be the best wife with all the right things done and make my husband feel like he can relax after a long stressful day, I want to be the healthiest, fittest best feeling me, and I want to learn to sew and become a seamstress extraordinaire, I want to be betty homemaker with a pretty clean house, perfect meal plans, and delicious dinners. I want to be a DIY diva conquoring all that is home design on the cheap... I have this big beautiful house just waiting to be decorated and shallow money bags to do so.. how fun will it be to turn old into new and fabulous! I want to become the most extreme couponer, and a once a month freezer cooking queen. I want to be an article writing genius. I want to be a photography guru and put together a fabulous family fav cook book, a blogger diva, and most importantly I want to be a devoted loving child of God... all while trying to find more odds and ends jobs to help my family, possibly continue to build a business, and find time to sleep...and... THIS ISNT EVEN POSSIBLE!!!! lol

Last night our dinner burnt, my husband cleaned for hours and I did hw and kaylee ran around the house chasing whoever she could find... and I looked up and just started to cry.... hahaha I was getting SO stressed about everything that it was phyically hurting my chest to breathe (ok ok I might be a little dramatic but you get the idea)... my husband and I talked and finally we snuggled to sleep...

This morning I woke up and we were talking and he said wow you seem like you are in a better mood.. well I am... I prayed about it... and I released it... and thank you God for being there to hear my anxiety and to bring me comfort.. I can only do what I can do... and I need to accept that.. I need to accept that while I am in school sometimes it's going to be tough some days are going to feel like they ended and I accomplished zero and somedays I am going to feel like I won the Nascar 500 but as long as I get up in the morning pray that God would cover me with peace and I go at it attempting to accomplish everything I can and be my best me... well that's all I can do! And I do believe God will reward me for that. So here's to figuring out a schedule that allows me to get my hw done, keep my house together, have some fun with my baby and hubby, and find a few random moments every now and then to accomplish all the other goodies I want to learn.

With all of that being said...

This week I am linking up the song "Hold Me" by Jamie Grace for the What's Your Song? Link-Up Week 28 hosted weekly by one of my all time favorite bloggers Amber over at Goodnight Moon. Check out her blog I promise you won't regret it she has the BEST giveaways, some hilarious posts, and is just all around fun. I feel like I know her from all her awesome posts and she has a FABULOUS creation in the mix with her new etsy shop that will be opening up soon.

I picked this song because I think it perfectly describes the way that things get so crazy in my life but every single day God is holding me and He is giving me something special and I am so thankful for that and for His constant love in this crazy world. Plus it has a fun beat and my one year old LOVES to dance to this song!! haha ENJOY

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  1. I love Toby Mac & now this song. Thanks for sharing I had not heard this- great song!


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