Saturday, September 10, 2011

Comfort Food... Last Chance on the Giveaway... and 6 places

Hey guys!

Thank you sooo much for all the warm wishes on baby number 2! I am really excited, but it hasn't COMPLETELY hit me yet.. I feel like I should be looking up names... figuring out baby themes... and all that good stuff.... BUT I haven't had my dr official appt yet sooo I think after that when I get an official due date it will really hit me! Plus right now I am soo sick and just trying to stay on top of house and school work and love on my little Kaylee as much as possible!

With that being said... tonight for dinner I am making the ULTIMATE comfort food meal... well one of them... there are a few meals that are my ultimate comfort food AND remind me so much of my childhood! Tonight we are having Chicken and rice or chicken and rice casserole to some people... so delicious, so easy, and so heart warming... I have been missing my family a lot lately and this def makes me feel a little more at home... another fav is meatloaf and mashed potatoes... I think I will be making that next week!!! haha

What is your ultimate comfort food?? Does it make you feel at home? Tell me about it!!

Also don't forget to go here and get in on the Faith Deployed... Again giveaway!!! There are ONLY 3 people in the give away and it ends TONIGHT at midnight... so jump on board!

I'm sure that this could be 6 places I want to go or 6 places I've been, but I think I am going to do 6 of my favorite places...

These are in no particular order..
 Estes Park, Co is a place with some of my GREATEST memories from family vacations growing up. It reminds me of so many amazing experiences, moments, time with God, time with family, and LOVE. I pray all the time that one day I am able to take my family here to experience this amazing place. There is truly NOTHING like it. Right in the middle of the rocky mountains there is an amazing little city called Estes Park that has a Y camp right outside of the city we always stayed there and would drive into the city a few times during our stay... seriously.... words don't describe this amazing place but I get all warm and tingly just thinking about it!!!
 I didn't put any place in particular as I haven't spent a ton of time in Iowa but over all CALL ME CRAZY but I just LOVE it... It is so down home, relaxed, family oriented, hanging out on the farm and I honestly... LOVE it! I could totally have a billion kids and run a farm LOL
 I think it's safe to say that the twin cities are one of my all time favorite places in this world. My fam moved here almost 2 years ago and I lived there with them for the winter while the hubs was  in training and deployed and it honestly is the best place ever. It's the greatest place to raise kids! I honestly hope that when we "retire" aka get out of the military... this is where we end up!
 Having been raised in San Diego I think I honestly always and really still  do took the beauty for granted. If you are looking for a great vacay place... SD is def the place to go! Def gorgeous and has some amazing stuff to explore!
 Portland will always have a special place in my heart. There is something about the Pacific Northwest that I just adore! I was planning on moving away and going to a little bible college here before I met my sailor man.. God works in crazy ways that's for sure! I adore this city and all the surrounding things like Multnomah Falls, Mt St Helens, and the Columbia River.
Like I said... the Pacific Northwest has a special place in my heart. Seattle is such a fun city with so much spunk! I love downtown with pike's market and puget sound and I love that not far is the wildlife and things like Green River and Mt Rainier.

What are your favorite places?

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  1. I looove San Diego! I really, really want to live there one day. I *think* I might even be able to talk hubby into it once he's out of the Army. Fingers crossed. lol


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