Saturday, December 21, 2013

Finding My Words.

There is something about writing that is so, so good for the soul.

Words are so powerful.

They build up and tear down, they bring life, they bring a voice to the very being of your heart.

I've been mostly silent for a very long time on this little piece of me...  but these last few weeks I have felt the need to find my words again. I have felt the need to find my words on this little corner of the internet that bares my name. To take what flows from my heart and put it into words to share with the world.

Some of the words hold deep, real, vulnerable pieces of me that need to be put down in words,  to share some of the hard places we have been and seen and faced this year as a family. Some of the words hold such eager, anxious, expect piece of my heart that need to burst through the surface and be dreamt out loud. Some of the words need to come from a mom's heart who is daily trying to soak in every single aspect of my girls exactly where they are to read back. Some of the words hold my fears and nerves as we face a very new, unknown life in the upcoming year.

Words of joy and words of sorrow.
Words of peace and words of  distress.
Words of love and words of heartache.
Words of thankfulness and words of confusion.
Words about lessons and trials.
Words about family and motherhood.
Words about God and His lavish grace in my life.
My words, from my heart.

I need to find my words again.

And I'm going to do it here.
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