Monday, January 24, 2011

There just isn't enough time in the day!

I've had so many things I've been wanting to take the time to truly sit down and blog about! A real juicy emotional true post.. but alas.. life has me constantly on the go.. one day I'll find the time.. for my blogs and for a lot of things! God has been putting a lot of things on my heart.. I've been thinking more about things I never thought about before and want to get involved in ways I have never felt the courage to for some and for others never the desire but like I said.. God's working in me.. and I have felt the changes!

Anyways, today I finished my first week of the quarter and I have to say, I am so proud of myself! It's going to be a lot of work, but I honestly can say the work will be well worth the end result. As of right now, I'm feeling really good about the classes ahead of me.

We are waiting to hear back from our realtor and I am anticipating a trip to Maryland in the near future to pick our house out and sign the paperwork! All pretty nerve wrecking with everything going on, but I couldn't be more excited!
Also, for all you christian readers out there if you've never read Forgotten God by Francis Chan now is the time!! It's an amazing, life changing kind of book!

Anyways, It's late and my munchkin just fell back asleep... Until next time

Thursday, January 20, 2011


So this post is going to be totally random... just forewarning you all..

First things first, I am sooo beyond excited because some of my favorite bloggers have been starting to add my blog and follow me! Hello excitement!! And new friends.. maybe?! haha anyways..

Next, please head on over to Craftily Ever After and check out her newest freebies! She's giving away free Valentine subway art that is so super cute!! Also she has a tutorial about these super cute rosette's in this picture. Here's the link to that.. check her out! Also, while you're at it.. check out her Etsy Shop she has some really cute stuff and the subway art example is actually the one that is hanging downstairs because Julie (my blessing and role model second mom) got it from her sister for Christmas! So fun!
Lastly, I wanted to write a bunch more... but I've been go go going all day and neeeeeed to sleep while my cranky 8 month old sleeps!! Today there was cleaning, and intense gym workout, homework, sewing lesson, set up snacks for the youth, and then stayed to volunteer for senior high youth group.. tomorrow up bright and early for bible study and then headed to the gym again followed by lots of homework and a training/meeting for all the sunday school teachers in the evening... all in all a great day today and good day ahead of me tomorrow but this mama needs some rest...

so I leave you with this

Isn't she a little ham?! I die for these pictures she's sooo adorable makes me so happy to see that smiling face!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011



Wooohooo! I am so beyond exciting that he won! I entered my friend in a Hero give away over at Faith and Deployment, which you can read my entry HERE and he won!!! Lauren (the host) and I agree that we couldn't see the coin going to anyone more deserving than him! So yayyy congrats to my fav Marine and his pretty wifey! Can't wait to get the package in the mail!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Big News!

Hello My Bloggy Friends! 

So.. I know I'm still sucking on the blogging regularly thing.. I know I'll eventually get better at this.. things have been slightly hectic for me.. but it's a good thing because.... 

I am so excited! Mr.SailorMan and I had talked about it on and off for a while but about 2-3 weeks ago we made it official! I have been talking to lots of different people but finally feel like the ball is really rolling.. We have a realtor and loan broker and both of them are awesome and have really helped walk me through the process of everything and how it all works, expenses, etc.. it's been great. I'm super thankful because a good friend of ours recommended we talk to his girlfriend who is a realtor and she is the one who actually found and got us all hooked up with Melinda, and she has been great! We are so excited we know the exact area we want to live, we know our budget, and we've figured out our preferences and "wishlist" of things we would want in a house so to speak.. and now.... we actually have a few houses picked out and I'm hoping to get out  some time in Feb to make a choice so we can put in an offer!! We are hoping to have a house by the time we arrive in late April/early May. Mr.SailorMan and I are both very excited because it's obviously the first home either of us will own. We've lived in base housing and/or with people and all our stuff in storage since we got married, never really fully unpacking because we knew it wasn't ours and we wouldn't be staying long so we are excited to finally have something to truly be ours and somewhere to raise our baby(ies one day). The mister is going to be stationed in MD for at least for 3 years and after that will probably be getting out so we figure that's probably going to be our new forever home! At least that part of the country.. of course.. neither of us have ever lived there so who the heck knows! haha.. 
Can't wait to get a picture just like this with my little family and our little(perfect) house! <3

This makes me so happy about all the blog reading I do and projects I'll be able to take on in the decorating world to get my house to be my HOME. So excited!!

Anyways, tomorrow I start a new quarter of classes and am going to try and get going on a good routine for myself with the homework, devotional time, and gym time. Also planning to start keeping a diet journal.. I think it will truly help keep me more accountable.. I'll keep you guys posted though.. 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Idea of a Hero

This post had a lot of different ways it could go because I have tons of new exciting things going on in my life right now.. but today I was browsing through my favorite bloggers and stumbled upon Lauren's Blog over at Faith and Deployments and discovered this awesome littlegive away she is doing.. you can read her post about HERE

Anyways, Lauren was given a necklace with solid sterling silver chain and encased in a sterling silver bezel, our liberated Iraqi coin symbolizes freedom and the sacrifices made to preserve it. (She has more descriptions about the necklace in her blog) Anyways, I thought that was really cool but as I read further I discovered that the company also gave her something to give as a give away to a hero. This is where my post comes in, you were to nominate someone in a comment on her blog and got an extra nomination for blogging about it. I'm blogging about it mostly because it's something I've been thinking about a lot lately. The only requirement was that you nominate someone other then yourself and they be active duty.

The prize is a single coin in a velvet case as a part of Honor One in a Million Project that gives veteran's a symbol of honor and gratitude for their service. Here is a picture of the coin.

It instantly clicked in my head that I must nominate someone and that someone was, SSgt Gary Patterson with the US Marine Corps. 

Gary is a friend and the husband of my best friend. He is a prime example of motivation, determination, and inspiration. He continually pushes through trial after trial, and even still finds a way to smile and make everyone around him laugh. He is probably one of the funniest people I know. Gary has served at least 4 tours in Iraq and has deployed 9 times in his career. He has 4 kids, two from a previous wife, and the custody battles have taken a huge tole on his family. Instead of being honored for his service to our country, the court system continuously punishes him. Gary is one of the greatest dads, and he and his wife want nothing more then a happy, stable life for all 4 of their children. In their troubling times, I want nothing more to be able to provide stability and other alternatives for them, but since that's not possible what I really want is to do is remind Gary that his service hasn't gone unnoticed. He has done everything for his country and for his family. He truly is a definition of a hero and he doesn't get honored nearly enough.

Anyways, that's my shout out to Patty and the Patterson clan! Check back tomorrow for more updates!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Life in 2011

I'm happy to say that so far this year has been great! haha I am over all just feeling good about the year, my goals, and my life. I wanted to note that when I wrote my goals originally, I said "I want to ... blahblah" after I re-read it I decided to say "I am going to.." and I truly feel that I will. My dieting/exercising is just starting and it can be a little tough on me sometimes, but I know it's just the beginning and I know I won't give up. I am loving doing the "a frame a day picture challenge" which you can follow me through my journey here. What I would like to add to my goals is that I am doing a read through the Bible in a year layout, so far so good but I am really excited about this! I love that this year is all about growing for me and just the constant time with God every morning in pray, devotional, and his word starts my day off so much better! In keeping with my new transformed attitude, I decided that I wanted to be a part of Project Gratitude  so once every night for a year I am going to write down one thing I am thankful for either big or small it's simply another thing to help me reflect on my life and all the things I have to be thankful for, even on the rough days. If you click the link it will bring you to Mrs.RollerCoasters blog she is an awesome blogger and I thoroughly enjoy her stuff, when I read about her project I knew I had to become a part of it!

Day One: I am thankful for my husband, and his support and encouragement through everything. Even when he doesn't always understand he is my number one fan and very best friend.

Lastly, in keeping with the love I have for my sweet sailor man, I was reading a recent post by one of my fav bloggers over at Faith and Deployment in which she shared this..

I instantly felt so moved and convicted, but hopeful! I know that I do not love in all these ten ways but it is my goal that in my changing and growing faith I will be able to fully love this way. I instantly emailed this to my husband and told him that I hope that I can fully love him this way. What an inspiration this is. There is no greater love then the love we have from Christ, and it is my hope that in my goal to being more Christ like, I love in these same ways! 1 John4:19 "We love because he first loved us" has been on my heart the last few days and I think this encouraged me even more!

Sorry this post was kind of all over the place, I am so exhausted tonight!
So I'll leave you with this picture from my recent visit with my hubs
boy do I love that man <3

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hello 2011!

Can you believe it's 2011?! 2010 was filled with so much change for my family it was a great year, but here is to looking forward to the new year! I decided to post a few pictures to represent my life in 2010; from my pregnancy and welcoming my princess, to moving into a new house and finally getting new furniture to turn right back around and sell it all put all my stuff in storage and move to my very own winter wonderland while the hubs gets ready for a deployment. It has been a whirlwind year and I am SO thankful for everything I have encountered along the way. And praise God for His mercy and forgiveness and love this year!

So I sort of couldn’t control myself… there you have a glimpse into my 2010 year!
A lot of people start the new year off with resolutions.. But I kind of think that a lot of people set big goals only to fail in the end and I really don’t need to set myself up for failure.. So my 2011 is all about OWNING IT.. owning my life and who I am.. owning my faith.. owning my education.. owning my health.. not being afraid to stick out for who I am but fully and whole-ly accepting myself and let the world have me the way I am. My goals for 2011 are to be the best person, mom, wife, daughter, friend, volunteer, disciple and child of God that I can be. Will it be a challenge for me? Absolutely! I have a lot of changes to make but I know that God is on my side and I know that this is going to be the best year yet. I am so excited for all the big things in my future!
Today, I read the January 1 page in my devotional “My Utmost for His Highest” and I was absolutely blown away and it reaffirmed that I am on the path that God wants me on. If you don’t own it I highly suggest going and buying it, it has been an amazing devotional in the few weeks I’ve owned it. The line that has lingered in my head says “I am determined to be absolutely and entirely for Him and Him alone.” I have prayed so much about what God is doing and continues to do in my life and I am just so excited to know that this year is all about deepening my bond with him to change my life, my family’s life, and the life of those around me.
So with that said, here are some of my goals for the year in no particular order..
  •           I am going to get healthy. I want to eat right, lose weight, and get in shape. I want to look in the mirror and feel good about myself and the person that God created! My body is a temple for him and I have not taken very good care of it.
  •           I am going to focus much more in school then I already do and to really own my education. I have been so blessed with so many opportunities but I sometimes let set-backs and confusion paralyze me with fear.  From here on out, my education is MINE, and I will rock it.
  •           I am going to study and pray and help my faith to grow like a huge wild fire, that I may know God so much more, know his laws and his greatness and be a living example of who he is.
  •           I am going to participate in A frame a day, I created a special blog just for it and you can check that out HERE
  •           I am going to make the best of every situation and try to complain less. I want to find the positive in everything.
  •           I am going to learn how to sew, and will become a betty homemaker, DIY, decorating crafting diva.
  •           I am going to start cooking one new recipe a week from a healthy/light cookbook.
  •           I am going to spend less time procrastinating and more time doing things that are important, things that matter, and things that will be better for my family and myself.
So there you have my plans for 2011.. 

Thankfully, I started 2011off with a bang! I got up early with my princess and started cleaning and organizing stuff right away. I don’t start classes until the 17th and I plan to take full advantage of that by getting all the things I haven’t had time for lately, DONE! I would say I finished about half my list and I am feeling sooo good about that!

Check back soon for my Christmas cookie baking adventure. I have some fun recipes to share!

ps.. what do we think of the new signature? I haven't decided yet.. something will fall into place and feel just right.. until then.. this is it.. haha
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