Thursday, January 20, 2011


So this post is going to be totally random... just forewarning you all..

First things first, I am sooo beyond excited because some of my favorite bloggers have been starting to add my blog and follow me! Hello excitement!! And new friends.. maybe?! haha anyways..

Next, please head on over to Craftily Ever After and check out her newest freebies! She's giving away free Valentine subway art that is so super cute!! Also she has a tutorial about these super cute rosette's in this picture. Here's the link to that.. check her out! Also, while you're at it.. check out her Etsy Shop she has some really cute stuff and the subway art example is actually the one that is hanging downstairs because Julie (my blessing and role model second mom) got it from her sister for Christmas! So fun!
Lastly, I wanted to write a bunch more... but I've been go go going all day and neeeeeed to sleep while my cranky 8 month old sleeps!! Today there was cleaning, and intense gym workout, homework, sewing lesson, set up snacks for the youth, and then stayed to volunteer for senior high youth group.. tomorrow up bright and early for bible study and then headed to the gym again followed by lots of homework and a training/meeting for all the sunday school teachers in the evening... all in all a great day today and good day ahead of me tomorrow but this mama needs some rest...

so I leave you with this

Isn't she a little ham?! I die for these pictures she's sooo adorable makes me so happy to see that smiling face!!

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