Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Hey guys,
So I ended up having a nasty allergic reaction over the weekend and got put on some meds to help with it, and they did, but they also knocked me on my butt the last few days. I am still recooperating and hoping to be back in full swing later today or tomorrow. I did my workout anyways yesterday and I am absolutely beat today because of it. I will be getting some pics up and my fit test results here too but just work with me to give me some time. I also am in 4 classes for the next two weeks until my last class ends so I am super busy! Craziness for sure.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Perfect Summer Day -- Family, The Pool, and a Delicious Dinner!

Yesterday was the PERFECT summer day in my opinion. In the morning we conquered a bunch of house work and yard work, and then in the afternoon we set off for a fun adventure of family fun, pool fun, and the ultimate summer meal!

For dinner we had something delicious AND healthy! I made burgers from ground sirloin with onion soup mix and threw them on the grill. When they were finished I topped them with reduced fat pepperjack cheese and used the whole wheat sandwich thins buns. I personally am not a big bun fan anyways too much extra bread so these are awesome only 100 cals. I also made semi-homemade avocado spread/gauc by using wholly guacamole, adding lemon juice, a sprinkle of sea salt, cayenne pepper, garlic, and cilantro. I loaded my burger up with all the veggies and some avocado spread instead of ketchup and mustard and mayo. It was DELICIOUS. To go with the guac, I made homemade waistline friendly tortilla chips! I typically would use whole grain tortillas but we were out and my next fav is corn tortillas only 100 cals for two ;] I cut them up into wedges, sprayed a baking sheet with olive oil pam, placed the tortilla slices in rows, sprayed the top with the pam, and then sprinkled garlic, sea salt, and chili powder over the top. Bake at 350 for 6-7 mins and viola... delicious!! Lastly I made a  delicious fruit salad with honey dew, watermelon, fiji apples, raspberries, and strawberries. It was super easy and super tasty but I change my fruit salads all the time.  It was a super easy meal and super delicious and perfect for a summer day!

We moved to Maryland a few months ago, and part of our HOA is a community pool. It's a really nice pool though, it's huge and it even has TWO diving boards. Most of the community pools in CA are pretty small, don't go much deeper than 5 1/2 feet deep, and they almost never have diving boards! We have been going to the pool a ton for something fun to do, plus, Kaylee LOVES swimming! She already thinks she is a little fish too! She kicks her legs, loves to splash, and wants to jump right out of your arms. She is constantly trying to stick her face in the water so that's a fun one! Lol. I have to stop her but every once and while she gets just the top of her head to touch and then realizes it was a bad idea and makes the cutest angry face. We spent a good 2-3 hours at the pool yesterday. Kaylee loves swimming but she gets tired of being held so after a bit her and I got out and watched while her daddy and uncle jumped off the diving board. She had so much fun watching them (and another adorable little boy... I think my baby had her first crush haha! more on that one later!) and walking around and getting splashed. Here are some fun videos and pictures of the boys jumping into the pool.

The little boy that walks by at the end of this video is the one that Kaylee was crushing on! haha. It was so cute he would get out of the pool and walk by and say HI BABY! and she would get SO EXCITED! Huge smiles, laughing, waving, and bouncing around! haha. It was pretty cute.

The other REALLY cute thing.. was watching my baby walk ALL OVER in her little swimsuit and adorable floppy hat! She has been walking for a while now but she REALLY has it down now!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Shakeology Cleanse

What is “The Shakeology Cleanse?”
What makes the Shakeology Cleanse stand apart from the others is that the Shakeology cleanse is not a true "cleanse". One of the things that makes it so different from other "cleanses" is in fact that the Shakeology 3-Day Cleanse is a "performance" cleanse. This is because it is designed to be done along with a workout or fitness program. The Shakeology Cleanse is a calorie restricted, nutrient rich cleanse. There are no strange drinks made of maple and lemon or apple cider. With Shakeology you will be satisfied and you won't be a zombie or feel like you are starving your body of vital nutrients, because you aren't! The main point of the Shakeology Cleanse is not calorie restriction but nutrient richness. The aim is to get the most nutrients into your body with the fewest calories consumed. These calories are to fuel your workouts and rid the body of toxins and hydration into homeostasis. The result with this cleanse to have your body run more efficiently and the weight loss is just an added benefit that most experience (you can lose anywhere from 3lbs to 10lbs in just 3 days!!). More than anything, the way you feel when you are done with the cleanse is AMAZING!

The Benefits:
Are to rid your body of fat, detoxify your body, jump start your weight loss and fitness routine, and body rejuvenation.

How it Works:
With the Shakeology Cleanse your daily food structure remains close to the same as you’re everyday eating. You will still be eating every few hours with meals that are balanced and nutrient rich which will make up for consuming fewer calories. This means that you can still continue with your workout routine. Adding fruits, nuts, seeds, and the Shakeology fiber supplement can be done as you see fit. Your one solid meal a day, your salad, can also contain fruits, nuts, and seeds, legumes, and veggies along with four ounces or less of a white protein. The point is to keep you satiated and to avoid anything that is artificial - including your salad dressing. The Shakeology Cleanse is designed to optimize your body’s performance. You want to have enough food to fuel your day and your workout. By eating foods that are high in fiber and nutrients it is virtually impossible to overeat. With the high fiber, digestive aids, and enzymes, your body will be ridding itself of excess food and fat and flushing out waste.

Once again, this cleanse is meant to be done in conjunction with your regular fitness routine but best to schedule during your recovery weeks if you are doing an intense program like P90X or INSANITY. It is also a GREAT way to jump-start ANY fitness routine and weight loss by doing the cleanse the week before you begin and getting your body healthy!

All About the Weight Loss:
First, most people WILL lose some weight but weight loss is not the goal of the Shakeology Cleanse. People with a lot of junk in their systems tend to lose the most weight from this cleanse. If you've been eating clean then there are less toxins and food left in your system to be rid of. While you may not lose much weight while doing the cleanse, your body will be ready to lose once you have finished and continue your fitness program. Because it helps with these things it will also help with some of the regular bloating and water retention. Please remember that restricting calories can be stressful. Stress in the body releases the hormone cortisol and inhibits you from losing weight. For this reason, please do not do the cleanse for more than 3 days. 
Frequently Asked Questions:
How many calories per day? 800 - 1,100 per day
How often can I do the Shakeology Cleanse? Ideally you should do it once per quarter (every 3 months). The best times to do a shakeology cleanse are when you start a new workout program and when you feel you need help breaking through a weight-loss plateau.

Should I/Can I still do my workout during the Cleanse? It truly depends on the individual. You will have less energy, so consider doing it during your 'recovery' week and definitely don't do it in the middle of P90X or INSANITY. More than anything remember that you know your body better than anyone and if you are feeling too tired, than consider doing a light workout for those three days, walking, jogging, or swimming.

Can I do a 1-day or 2-day Cleanse? Yes, some people see results in 1 or 2 days! Just please remember to not do it longer! It is NOT recommended doing the Cleanse for longer than 3 days!

Should I/Can I take other Beachbody supplements during the Cleanse? Do not take the Beachbody Results and Recovery drink, because it has too much sugar and will affect the results of your cleanse. All of the other Beachbody supplements are fine but not necessary.

To Purchase a Chocolate Shakeology Cleanse (9 serving of Shakeology) for $45.00 total including shipping and handling please click the link below or email me at navy_wife9360 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Friday, June 24, 2011

I'm living for Today

Sittin' in my room staring at the wall
Wonderin' about the meaning of it all
Why is it this thing called life
Has got me goin' crazy
So I open up your word and let it speak to me
The purpose and the plan that you've designed
Is clear to see, and I believe

I'm gonna live for today
I'm gonna follow in your way
I'm gonna let my little light shine
Like there's no tomorrow
I won't worry about the past
I know my future is intact
So I'll choose to live my life one way
I'm gonna live it for today

You told me not to worry
About what lies ahead
So I am gonna focus on today instead
Making every moment count and counting
Every single blessing
I'm gonna set my mind on the
Here and the Now
This is what I want my life to be about
And this is How...

I'm gonna live for today
I'm gonna follow in your way
I'm gonna let my little light shine
Like there's no tomorrow
I won't worry about the past
I know my future is intact
So I'll choose to live my life one way
I'm gonna live it for today

This song is by Nataline Grant and is quite possibly the BEST song to describe my life right now. I am DONE sitting around making excuses... It's TIME to live for today and let MY LIGHT SHINE! I know what I am capable, I am CONFIDENT in the way that God made me, the things HE blessed me with, and THE ABILITIES I am capable because of HIM! I am living MY LIFE every single day to the fullest potential! EVERY successful person is faced with choices every single day, choices that you wouldn't think would make a big deal and you know what today and tomorrow and the next day they probably won't... but every single day... making the choice to do or not do something builds up and defines your future. Are you thriving in life or are you simply surviving? Why? What are you doing to make your future bright? Are you shining your light? Are you bringing value, joy, matter, worth, and love to someone elses life? Do you make things about others or do you make them all about yourself? WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO TO MAKE IT TO THE TOP AND LIVE THE LIFE GOD HAS BLESSED YOU WITH? Stop sitting around wishing and get out there and start making it happen! Because I know where I want to be in 3 months, a year, 5 years... will you be there too??

This is my why... my reason... my motivation.... 
What is yours?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Work from Home with Team Beachbody and the Bombshell Dynasty

Let’s face it, as military spouses, parents, students, and everything else we try to fit into our days, it can be incredibly difficult to find job opportunities that allow us to bring home some money while working with our lifestyles. With deployments, workups, underways, trainings, and work hours all over the place, we need flexibility that allows us to care for our children and spend time with our spouses while they are around. Often times we are forced to pick between bringing in an income and something to the table, or spending time with our family. Even if you are able to figure out a way to make a part time job fit in with school and family time, the money you spend on daycare almost defeats the purpose of working (yes, even with the child development centers on base). We all would love the luxury of working from home in order to be more available to our families and other duties, but with so many work-from-home opportunities out there, it can be frightening to really pursue any of them. You need a reliable source to give you a real story about a real company making real money to feel comfortable committing to anything.
About 6 months ago, I was introduced to something called “Team Beachbody.” You might be surprised how much you actually about many of their products before even reading this article!
Beachbody is the mastermind behind programs like P90X, Insanity, and Turbo Fire, and the creators of Shakeology. Beachbody’s CEO Carl Diekler created the company with a few simple visions: to make fitness, weight loss, and overall health fun and exceptionally rewarding and to to help people to get in shape physically and financially.  Beachbody’s core purpose is to help people achieve their goals and enjoy healthy fulfilling lives.
Anyone can sign on as a coach with Beachbody. As a coach, your job is simply to support, motivate, and provide information about resources to help other accomplish their goals! Beachbody coaches come from all different backgrounds, different body shapes, different fitness and nutrition knowledge, different personalities, and different financial budgets. The coaching opportunity is one that you can mold to your lifestyle, all while helping other people.  As a coach you are able to work from home, create your own hours, be your own boss, build your own business, and make a little extra cash or a lot of extra cash –it’s all up to you! The amount of time and energy that you put into your business will determine what you will get out of it.
Beachbody coaches receive a 25% discount on all of their products, a 25% off of all the products bought underneath them, as well as tons of team bonuses and incentives. The breakdown of what coaches do is as follows; commit to a fitness and nutrition program (at 25% discount), keep track of their progress and share it with others, get others to join them and hold each other accountable, sign them up as coaches so they can spread the news just as I am doing, and help your personally sponsored coaches build their business.
Typically, it is a $40 dollar sign up fee to receive your business kit and start your 3 websites you run your business off of, and then a $15 a month fee to maintain your websites.  However, Beachbody just announced that as a thank you to the Armed Forces and their spouses, they are waiving all coaching fees! By simply sending in a copy of your active duty orders, you will be able to sign up and maintain your coach status for free. Who doesn’t want to start their own business for free? I know I do!
Coaching has opened tons of doors for me and for my family. Beachbody has opened my eyes to a world I never dreamed was possible in our given situation. I am being paid to get healthy and fit after baby and to help the people around me get in shape too. Not only does coaching hold me accountable and push me further in pursuit of my own dreams, but it has been an amazing experience to see some of my closest friends and even random strangers thank me for encouraging them when really they are the ones encouraging me every single day. I am now able to be home with my daughter, focus more on my classes, and take the time to be with my husband around his work schedule all while bringing in a weekly income to help pay bills. As if all of that wasn’t enough, being a coach on my team, the Bombshell Dynasty, has introduced me to so many amazing people that have become some of my closest friends, which as military wives; you know how special that is!
I asked some of my fellow coaches and friends to share a little bit about what Beachbody has offered them and done in their lives below. If you want to know more, have any questions, or are interested in signing on you can email me at, find me on facebook, watch this video or this video, or simply go to THIS PAGE and get signed up now.
“As a military wife of many years with several duty stations under our belts we were given orders to our first overseas base. First off I worried about being away from family, the new culture, & the cuisine. Oh, all the new foods here!! It's so easy to get lost and have that "left behind" feeling being a military wife. You move to new bases, your spouse already has friends in his work place and you're left to make a whole new life for yourself. This is such a huge task and you worry about becoming depressed and many gain weight which only makes the situations worse.  Before we PCSed I was introduced to Beachbody and it was right up my alley! I'd be able to get into peak shape and not put on the PCS/oveseas weight. What a relief! I didn't even understand the full effect of Beachbody until I signed on as a coach. The support I have daily has been such a mood lifter and I'm constantly inspired to keep positive, getting out, and get moving. Would I be in the same position had I not been introduced to Beachbody, most likely Not! Coaching is giving me the opportunity to share my positive view on life with others stations overseas and help them to get up and get moving. I also love that I can exercise at home with my son and not have to worry about getting "gym" time in during all the TDYs & deployments. Oh, how can I forget the fact that I'm making my own income just by sharing my journey and helping others become fit and happy? Getting a job overseas can be the biggest pain ever and I so happy and grateful to be able to do this "job" that I LOVE and on my own time. Beachbody has been such a blessing to my family, my sanity, and my health! I couldn't be happier with where it has led me in just a short 10 weeks.” –Ryann Paul, Air Force Wife, Japan
“My experience thus far as a Beachbody coach has completely changed me as a person. I joined end of November of 2010 for the discount alone, and didn't give the business too much thought. After seeing some insane results of other Beachbody coaches, physically and financially, I decided it was time to pursue a stay at home job that will allow me to focus on school and keep accountable for my health. As a military spouse I found it hard to get a job that I could really enjoy without worrying that a few years down the road we would end up leaving. For most wives and mothers, staying home is one of the most important aspects of parenting. Because of Beachbody I was able to help change people’s lives, starting with my own. I lost weight, looked on the bright side, earned extra income, and now I feel absolutely sure about where I'm headed for the next 5+ years. I can help my husband financially and be around when he is. I'm my own boss and that allows me to have weekends, holidays and any other days off I want, especially the ones after home comings. Taking a leap of faith I have been able to become the person I knew I was capable of being and inspired others to reach their potential as well!” – Abby Fix, Coast Guard Wife, Florida
“I've always been into diet and fitness. My friends and family always came to me for advice on losing weight, or what to eat. But I wanted an extra push, and I found Beachbody. I wanted to try all the programs, and try Shakeology. When I found out I can get a discount and make extra income by doing what I do best and love which is HELPING PEOPLE;I immediately jumped on the bandwagon and became a Beachbody coach. I use to be an army wife, so I was never able to focus on my career, or help my husband financially, because I had the household to take care of. My husband is no longer in the army active duty, he stepped into the next dangerous job, a police officer. Being a police officer's wife with two toddlers is a challenge as well. With my husband's 12 hour graveyard shifts, I need to be home with my kids because he works through the nights, and sleeps during the day. I have no time to establish a career for myself at the moment. Being a Beachbody coach gives me the opportunity to help establish an at home job, where I can make money, and still be here for my family. On top of that, I am bettering myself by becoming a healthier, more active person. I am not selling with Beachbody, because people see how happy I am with my results, they want it too. I love helping people and I love staying home with my family. Being a beach body coach is perfect for me.” – Alexis Hymas, Army Wife, California

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Who needs a cookie jar when you can have a cereal box?

Yesterday I officially came to terms with the fact that I have to move the cherrios out of where I keep the rest of the cereals and into the top cupboard... Why? Because my 1 year old is obsessed with them.. more than anything else... and will let herself in the cupboards to eat the cherrios.. She doesn't care about any of the other food or cereal she can reach. Just the cherrios!

Over the weekend I was not feeling good so I took a nap on the couch while my baby watched cartoons and my husband played video games. I woke up and looked over to see my daughter kicked back relaxing on the floor... with an ENTIRE box of cherrios sitting next to her munching on them like a teenager would on a bag of chips. I slowly got up and walked into the family room to ask my husband, "Did you give her the box of cherrios?" He looked at me confused and said "Huh? No.." I turned and walked into the kitchen to find the pantry open and all of the cereal boxes on the floor unopened. You guessed it, Kaylee went right to kitchen and got her cherrios out and drug the whole box into the living room to feed herself a snack! I laughed a little closed the box and put them away.

Well, yesterday, the cherrio thief was at it again! I went to the bathroom and left my mini to "read" her books. When I came out I found her like this....

 As you can see she was so stinkin proud of herself!! hahaha. My little muchkin! She's a girl after her mama's own heart though because she especially loves the whole wheat cherrios... good girl!

Here are some more sweet pics of my little mama after I found her!

Oh man do I love her <3 She keeps me on my toes... and reorganizing my kitchen... regularly <3

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Candles and Scents... My 2 Favorites.. Yankee and Scentsy!

Ok, soooo if you are a girl.... you know you LOVE when your house smells delicious! I have some shout outs on my fav things today! Yankee Candles and Scentsy --wickless candles!

So first things first lets talk Yankee Candles.. I won't deny that I have always been the type to be kind of a cheapo no wanting to spend much money on things and almost always picking the cheapest option... Well for a house warming gift my realtor gave me my very first own Yankee Candle (kiwi berry.. delish fyi!). At closing my title company also gave me a candle, walmart brand, that smelled yummy! I will admit that I would be the first to pick a knock off over Yankee... well I am here to say... I will never do that again... a 17 dollar yankee versus a 10 dollar walmart candle will last twice the time... for less money... so buying the more expensive actually lasts us longer! I have been burning both of them together at the exact same time and the walmart (pink) is at the bottom and yankee (green) is only half way.. pics below..

Pretty crazy huh? So in the future... pick Yankee.. it's definitely worth it... AND.. Yankee is having a sale now..

The thing about candles in my house is that I can only keep them all in the kitchen.. because I know that I will see them and remember to turn them out and not burn my house down... which is why I LOOOOVE scentsy even more...

Here is some info about Scentsy from my friend Valerie who is a Scentsy consultant:
"Scentsy makes wickless candles, using beautiful warmers that use low-watt bulbs to melt specially formulated wax slowly, maximizing the fragrance time of the Scentsy Bar or Scentsy Brick.

There is no flame, soot, smoke or lead to worry about, the Scentsy system is a safe way to enjoy more than 80 delightful Scentsy fragrances! This is especially nice if you have small children and pets, as there is no flame to burn, and the wax never gets hot enough to burn your skin, no matter how long you leave it plugged in!

There are 3 types of warmers. The plug in which is great for bathrooms or smaller areas, the new mid sized warmer, and the full sized warmer. There are over 80 scents and 60 warmers to choose from!
We now also offer college warmers, and the list of colleges offered is growing each month!

I offer online catalog parties, and in home parties where I bring a few of our warmers, and all of our scents for you and your guests to smell! I also offer basket parties, where you get a smaller size of the scents to take to your home or office, as well as catalog and order forms. Hostesses who have parties totaling $150 or more receive great hostess benefits, and free shipping on the orders!"

If you want to check out more about scentsy you can check out her website here: or her blog here:

Here are some pics of scentsy to help you get a feel

Anyways, That's my two "scents" pun intended on what I like to have around my house! Love sharing about things I love no matter where from!

Monday, June 20, 2011

5 Reasons You're Always Starving

I found an article from weight watchers all about 5 reasons we are always starving.. I found it pretty interesting... Take a read and see what you think... I posted some of my thoughts afterward as well... You can find the article HERE

A foolproof plan to keep hunger from gnawing away at your weight-loss goals.
You’re driving along on your way to work, to the gym, or to pick up the kids and—bam—it hits you—that overwhelming gnawing hunger. The next thing you know, you’re pulling into a drive through and ordering up a storm.
Isn’t it fascinating (and frustrating) how the “I have to eat now!” feeling can hit even if you’ve been making good nutrition a top priority? Experts are discovering that when you eat, what your food tastes like, and even how much you drink can have a major impact on how often hunger pangs strike.
We asked leading nutritionists to share with us the five most common reasons you’re frequently famished, as well as their top tips for maximizing satisfaction and keeping hunger at bay.
1. You eat the right foods at the wrong times.
Eating at different times every day can make it difficult for you to tune in to your body’s hunger signals, says Cindy Moore, MS, RD, director of Nutrition Therapy at the Cleveland Clinic. Haphazard eating can hurt your metabolism as well. When British researchers asked women to eat meals at either the same time or at different times each day, those who followed a predictable pattern ate less and burned more calories than those who ate at a different time every day.
The Fix: Plan ahead.
Reviewing your Tracker helps you zero in on when you’re most likely to fall prey to eating at erratic times. (If you haven’t been tracking your food consistently, try doing so for a few days.) Then, says Moore, create a schedule that focuses on eating within 2 hours of waking up and every 3 to 5 hours after that for the rest of the day. If you tend to lose track of time, set your watch or digital organizer to beep when you should eat.
2. You eat breakfast, just not the right kind.
Although any breakfast is better than none, the foods you choose can have a major impact on how satisfied you feel for the rest of the day. Take that convenient cereal bar: It might appear to be a healthy choice when you don’t have time for a sit-down meal, but its mega-dose of simple sugars may have you rummaging through the fridge well before lunch.
The Fix: Build a better mix of nutrients.
The key to making your breakfast hold your appetite at bay until lunch is building a morning meal that contains both protein and carbs. “It’s important to combine some protein along with some complex carbohydrates to provide sustained energy throughout the morning,” says Bonnie Taub-Dix, MA, RD, a Long Island–based dietitian in private practice. Opt for no-fuss choices like a slice of cheese on whole-wheat bread, egg whites on toast, whole-grain cereal with low-fat milk, even half a turkey sandwich .
3. Your diet is flawless but flavorless.
If grilled chicken and steamed veggies are staples on your dinner plate, you could be headed for trouble. “If you don't switch up your menu, you’re going to get bored and eventually have difficulty sticking with your weight-loss plan,” says Lona Sandon, MEd, RD, assistant professor of clinical nutrition at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas.
The Fix: Spice it up.
Getting creative in the kitchen will give your stand-by recipes new life—and keep you more satisfied in the long run. “Experiment with fresh, flavorful herbs, like basil, gingerroot, oregano, and mint,” suggests Moore. Also, adding acidity (a dash of lemon juice or balsamic vinegar) and sweetness (a teaspoon of honey or brown sugar) can make your staple dishes more complex in taste—and more satisfying. Texture is also key: Aim for combinations of creamy, crunchy, and chewy. Try tossing chopped nuts on your greens or mixing granola into your yogurt.
4. You stockpile your calories.
Do you often eat so sparingly during the day that by the time dinner rolls around you’re famished? That strategy can backfire, leading to uncontrollable overeating in the evening. “When you skip meals it’s harder to think straight, so you’re less concerned with the implications of what you eat,” says Taub-Dix.
The Fix: Frontload those calories.
Eating earlier in the day is a must to head off disaster later on. Limit the size of your evening meal so that you wake up eager for breakfast. Even if you’re not hungry, be sure to eat something—even a small bite. “Treat yourself the way you’d treat your kids—you wouldn’t let them skip meals,” says Taub-Dix.
5. You drink your meals.
With the ever-increasing popularity of lattes for breakfast and smoothies for lunch, many of us are drinking our calories away. But drinking too many caloric beverages can ultimately leave you feeling unsatisfied. When researchers at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, gave study participants 450 extra calories daily in the form of either fluid or solid food, those who ate the extra solids ate less later in the day whereas those who drank the extra fluids did not. The reasoning: Chewing causes the release of hormones that signal fullness, and solid food is digested more slowly than liquids.
The Fix: Rethink convenience.
Slurping down a meal might seem fast and easy, but in the time it takes to drive to the coffee shop, stand on line, and pay for that latte, you could have had something just as quick—and far more satisfying. “Try a slice of toast with peanut butter or a cup of yogurt with some fruit,” says Lona Sandon. If it’s the comfort of a hot drink you crave, go ahead and have that latte—just order it with fat-free milk. And instead of sipping it solo, enjoy it with a few whole-grain crackers or a banana. In other words, focus on food combinations that will get you through to your next meal—no starving required.
This article first appeared in the March/April 2006 issue of Weight Watchers Magazine.

1. As far as eating at the wrong time goes.. I can totally vouch for the fact that it messes with you! I am a stay at home mom and with going to school, coaching, my daughter, and household tasks I sometimes eat at random times, but it's true that planning ahead REALLY helps you get on track and eat enough. 

2. Breakfast is truly the most important meal of the day but if you are anything like me... you just aren't a bit breakfast person! I know a lot of my friends/teammates eat oatmeal and egg whites etc for breakfast, but I have never really been interested in that kind of stuff. I always either drink a Shakeology or I eat Kashi Golean Crunch with raspberries or bananas. It is important to get in the protein and complex carbs so these both get those in in a simple healthy way. Something to remember however that this article doesn't mention is that... 3 big meals is NOT the way to go... You should be eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner... as well as at least 2 snacks... so really.... you only need a filling breakfast to get you to mid morning and then have a snack to get you through to lunch :]

3. Number 3 is RIGHT ON THE MONEY! If you are anything like me... you get BORED with food sooo fast! Definitely mix it up with different spices (I will be writing an article about this soon) and textures.. I personally love to add almonds into my green beans for a little change!

4. I love that this article says to treat yourself how you treat your kids, you wouldn't let them skip a meal... THIS IS SO TRUE. You NEED to be eating.. not only for the whole "starving" factor but also because you need to be eating to keep your metabolism going. So often people think that a way to help them loose weight is to starve themselves... WRONG.. You might loose a little bit of weight but ultimately when you start eating it all comes back.. you should really be eating MORE smaller meals in the day to keep  your metabolism going.. AND drinking lots of water... Your largest meal should be breakfast, then lunch, and smallest at dinner.

5. Here is the thing about "drinking your meals" Drinking a latte or whatever as filling as it may be... that is NOT  meal.. that is empty BAD calories and it doesn't do anything for your metabolism or your butt later in life.. haha.. If you prefer to drink your meals THAT IS OK as long as you are still getting the healthy things you need.. and are still intaking enough calories.. If you like to drink your meals.. check out something like Shakeology, or another meal replacement that has all of the good vitamins, minerals and nutrients etc. Another thing would be making smoothies from home if you are making them healthy.. with water or low sugar/fat liquids, lots of fruits etc and vitamins or boosts.. avoid things like jamba juice or smoothie king.. because a lot of those have a ton of calories you don't even realize and you end up with more calories than if you'd just eaten a burger and fries from mcd's... scary right?

If you are interested in talking more about your diet, an exercise plan, or shakeology.. Find me on FB or shoot me an email navy_wife9360 (at) yahoo (dot) com... I can be your coach for free by going HERE. Can't wait to hear from you!

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