Thursday, June 23, 2011

Work from Home with Team Beachbody and the Bombshell Dynasty

Let’s face it, as military spouses, parents, students, and everything else we try to fit into our days, it can be incredibly difficult to find job opportunities that allow us to bring home some money while working with our lifestyles. With deployments, workups, underways, trainings, and work hours all over the place, we need flexibility that allows us to care for our children and spend time with our spouses while they are around. Often times we are forced to pick between bringing in an income and something to the table, or spending time with our family. Even if you are able to figure out a way to make a part time job fit in with school and family time, the money you spend on daycare almost defeats the purpose of working (yes, even with the child development centers on base). We all would love the luxury of working from home in order to be more available to our families and other duties, but with so many work-from-home opportunities out there, it can be frightening to really pursue any of them. You need a reliable source to give you a real story about a real company making real money to feel comfortable committing to anything.
About 6 months ago, I was introduced to something called “Team Beachbody.” You might be surprised how much you actually about many of their products before even reading this article!
Beachbody is the mastermind behind programs like P90X, Insanity, and Turbo Fire, and the creators of Shakeology. Beachbody’s CEO Carl Diekler created the company with a few simple visions: to make fitness, weight loss, and overall health fun and exceptionally rewarding and to to help people to get in shape physically and financially.  Beachbody’s core purpose is to help people achieve their goals and enjoy healthy fulfilling lives.
Anyone can sign on as a coach with Beachbody. As a coach, your job is simply to support, motivate, and provide information about resources to help other accomplish their goals! Beachbody coaches come from all different backgrounds, different body shapes, different fitness and nutrition knowledge, different personalities, and different financial budgets. The coaching opportunity is one that you can mold to your lifestyle, all while helping other people.  As a coach you are able to work from home, create your own hours, be your own boss, build your own business, and make a little extra cash or a lot of extra cash –it’s all up to you! The amount of time and energy that you put into your business will determine what you will get out of it.
Beachbody coaches receive a 25% discount on all of their products, a 25% off of all the products bought underneath them, as well as tons of team bonuses and incentives. The breakdown of what coaches do is as follows; commit to a fitness and nutrition program (at 25% discount), keep track of their progress and share it with others, get others to join them and hold each other accountable, sign them up as coaches so they can spread the news just as I am doing, and help your personally sponsored coaches build their business.
Typically, it is a $40 dollar sign up fee to receive your business kit and start your 3 websites you run your business off of, and then a $15 a month fee to maintain your websites.  However, Beachbody just announced that as a thank you to the Armed Forces and their spouses, they are waiving all coaching fees! By simply sending in a copy of your active duty orders, you will be able to sign up and maintain your coach status for free. Who doesn’t want to start their own business for free? I know I do!
Coaching has opened tons of doors for me and for my family. Beachbody has opened my eyes to a world I never dreamed was possible in our given situation. I am being paid to get healthy and fit after baby and to help the people around me get in shape too. Not only does coaching hold me accountable and push me further in pursuit of my own dreams, but it has been an amazing experience to see some of my closest friends and even random strangers thank me for encouraging them when really they are the ones encouraging me every single day. I am now able to be home with my daughter, focus more on my classes, and take the time to be with my husband around his work schedule all while bringing in a weekly income to help pay bills. As if all of that wasn’t enough, being a coach on my team, the Bombshell Dynasty, has introduced me to so many amazing people that have become some of my closest friends, which as military wives; you know how special that is!
I asked some of my fellow coaches and friends to share a little bit about what Beachbody has offered them and done in their lives below. If you want to know more, have any questions, or are interested in signing on you can email me at, find me on facebook, watch this video or this video, or simply go to THIS PAGE and get signed up now.
“As a military wife of many years with several duty stations under our belts we were given orders to our first overseas base. First off I worried about being away from family, the new culture, & the cuisine. Oh, all the new foods here!! It's so easy to get lost and have that "left behind" feeling being a military wife. You move to new bases, your spouse already has friends in his work place and you're left to make a whole new life for yourself. This is such a huge task and you worry about becoming depressed and many gain weight which only makes the situations worse.  Before we PCSed I was introduced to Beachbody and it was right up my alley! I'd be able to get into peak shape and not put on the PCS/oveseas weight. What a relief! I didn't even understand the full effect of Beachbody until I signed on as a coach. The support I have daily has been such a mood lifter and I'm constantly inspired to keep positive, getting out, and get moving. Would I be in the same position had I not been introduced to Beachbody, most likely Not! Coaching is giving me the opportunity to share my positive view on life with others stations overseas and help them to get up and get moving. I also love that I can exercise at home with my son and not have to worry about getting "gym" time in during all the TDYs & deployments. Oh, how can I forget the fact that I'm making my own income just by sharing my journey and helping others become fit and happy? Getting a job overseas can be the biggest pain ever and I so happy and grateful to be able to do this "job" that I LOVE and on my own time. Beachbody has been such a blessing to my family, my sanity, and my health! I couldn't be happier with where it has led me in just a short 10 weeks.” –Ryann Paul, Air Force Wife, Japan
“My experience thus far as a Beachbody coach has completely changed me as a person. I joined end of November of 2010 for the discount alone, and didn't give the business too much thought. After seeing some insane results of other Beachbody coaches, physically and financially, I decided it was time to pursue a stay at home job that will allow me to focus on school and keep accountable for my health. As a military spouse I found it hard to get a job that I could really enjoy without worrying that a few years down the road we would end up leaving. For most wives and mothers, staying home is one of the most important aspects of parenting. Because of Beachbody I was able to help change people’s lives, starting with my own. I lost weight, looked on the bright side, earned extra income, and now I feel absolutely sure about where I'm headed for the next 5+ years. I can help my husband financially and be around when he is. I'm my own boss and that allows me to have weekends, holidays and any other days off I want, especially the ones after home comings. Taking a leap of faith I have been able to become the person I knew I was capable of being and inspired others to reach their potential as well!” – Abby Fix, Coast Guard Wife, Florida
“I've always been into diet and fitness. My friends and family always came to me for advice on losing weight, or what to eat. But I wanted an extra push, and I found Beachbody. I wanted to try all the programs, and try Shakeology. When I found out I can get a discount and make extra income by doing what I do best and love which is HELPING PEOPLE;I immediately jumped on the bandwagon and became a Beachbody coach. I use to be an army wife, so I was never able to focus on my career, or help my husband financially, because I had the household to take care of. My husband is no longer in the army active duty, he stepped into the next dangerous job, a police officer. Being a police officer's wife with two toddlers is a challenge as well. With my husband's 12 hour graveyard shifts, I need to be home with my kids because he works through the nights, and sleeps during the day. I have no time to establish a career for myself at the moment. Being a Beachbody coach gives me the opportunity to help establish an at home job, where I can make money, and still be here for my family. On top of that, I am bettering myself by becoming a healthier, more active person. I am not selling with Beachbody, because people see how happy I am with my results, they want it too. I love helping people and I love staying home with my family. Being a beach body coach is perfect for me.” – Alexis Hymas, Army Wife, California

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