Sunday, June 5, 2011

Road Trip... Ohio Bound!

A few weeks ago we went on a nice like 8ish or so hour road trip from our new home in Maryland out to Ohio to see my husband's great grandma. Yes, this means my daughter has a GREAT GREAT GRANDMA! It was such a sweet time together just enjoying family time and relaxing! We didn't really go anywhere or do anything special; just played games and enjoyed each others company. We will remember this forever! The only hard part was I didn't have my blender for shakeology ;] haha She lives in an adorable one bedroom apartment so there was no room to really workout and we ate all kinds of good grandma's cookin! We enjoyed it and once we got home we got right back on track!

 Seeing Great Great Grandma for the first time ever!

 Her fav place to nap while we were there!

 Sad to leave!
 Look at the smile!
 Nothing like a nice relaxing evening in the pool after an almost 9 hour drive home! yay

All in all.. it was a great week!!

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