Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Candles and Scents... My 2 Favorites.. Yankee and Scentsy!

Ok, soooo if you are a girl.... you know you LOVE when your house smells delicious! I have some shout outs on my fav things today! Yankee Candles and Scentsy --wickless candles!

So first things first lets talk Yankee Candles.. I won't deny that I have always been the type to be kind of a cheapo no wanting to spend much money on things and almost always picking the cheapest option... Well for a house warming gift my realtor gave me my very first own Yankee Candle (kiwi berry.. delish fyi!). At closing my title company also gave me a candle, walmart brand, that smelled yummy! I will admit that I would be the first to pick a knock off over Yankee... well I am here to say... I will never do that again... a 17 dollar yankee versus a 10 dollar walmart candle will last twice the time... for less money... so buying the more expensive actually lasts us longer! I have been burning both of them together at the exact same time and the walmart (pink) is at the bottom and yankee (green) is only half way.. pics below..

Pretty crazy huh? So in the future... pick Yankee.. it's definitely worth it... AND.. Yankee is having a sale now..

The thing about candles in my house is that I can only keep them all in the kitchen.. because I know that I will see them and remember to turn them out and not burn my house down... which is why I LOOOOVE scentsy even more...

Here is some info about Scentsy from my friend Valerie who is a Scentsy consultant:
"Scentsy makes wickless candles, using beautiful warmers that use low-watt bulbs to melt specially formulated wax slowly, maximizing the fragrance time of the Scentsy Bar or Scentsy Brick.

There is no flame, soot, smoke or lead to worry about, the Scentsy system is a safe way to enjoy more than 80 delightful Scentsy fragrances! This is especially nice if you have small children and pets, as there is no flame to burn, and the wax never gets hot enough to burn your skin, no matter how long you leave it plugged in!

There are 3 types of warmers. The plug in which is great for bathrooms or smaller areas, the new mid sized warmer, and the full sized warmer. There are over 80 scents and 60 warmers to choose from!
We now also offer college warmers, and the list of colleges offered is growing each month!

I offer online catalog parties, and in home parties where I bring a few of our warmers, and all of our scents for you and your guests to smell! I also offer basket parties, where you get a smaller size of the scents to take to your home or office, as well as catalog and order forms. Hostesses who have parties totaling $150 or more receive great hostess benefits, and free shipping on the orders!"

If you want to check out more about scentsy you can check out her website here: or her blog here:

Here are some pics of scentsy to help you get a feel

Anyways, That's my two "scents" pun intended on what I like to have around my house! Love sharing about things I love no matter where from!


  1. i LOVE yankee candles. i usually get them at marshalls and tj maxx because they are so cheap. i am a soy candle person though, this website has the best ones you should try it: i saw them at a fair one time in OC. ikea has awesome cheap soy candles too:)

  2. Thank you so much for joining in on my Mommy's Monday Blog Hop!!! :) I'm now following you! :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting and being my 40th follower! Throw confetti! lol! I love Yankee Candles as well. I like the milder scents, due to allergies. Take care and have fun in Maryland and seeing new sites.


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