Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Perfect Summer Day -- Family, The Pool, and a Delicious Dinner!

Yesterday was the PERFECT summer day in my opinion. In the morning we conquered a bunch of house work and yard work, and then in the afternoon we set off for a fun adventure of family fun, pool fun, and the ultimate summer meal!

For dinner we had something delicious AND healthy! I made burgers from ground sirloin with onion soup mix and threw them on the grill. When they were finished I topped them with reduced fat pepperjack cheese and used the whole wheat sandwich thins buns. I personally am not a big bun fan anyways too much extra bread so these are awesome only 100 cals. I also made semi-homemade avocado spread/gauc by using wholly guacamole, adding lemon juice, a sprinkle of sea salt, cayenne pepper, garlic, and cilantro. I loaded my burger up with all the veggies and some avocado spread instead of ketchup and mustard and mayo. It was DELICIOUS. To go with the guac, I made homemade waistline friendly tortilla chips! I typically would use whole grain tortillas but we were out and my next fav is corn tortillas only 100 cals for two ;] I cut them up into wedges, sprayed a baking sheet with olive oil pam, placed the tortilla slices in rows, sprayed the top with the pam, and then sprinkled garlic, sea salt, and chili powder over the top. Bake at 350 for 6-7 mins and viola... delicious!! Lastly I made a  delicious fruit salad with honey dew, watermelon, fiji apples, raspberries, and strawberries. It was super easy and super tasty but I change my fruit salads all the time.  It was a super easy meal and super delicious and perfect for a summer day!

We moved to Maryland a few months ago, and part of our HOA is a community pool. It's a really nice pool though, it's huge and it even has TWO diving boards. Most of the community pools in CA are pretty small, don't go much deeper than 5 1/2 feet deep, and they almost never have diving boards! We have been going to the pool a ton for something fun to do, plus, Kaylee LOVES swimming! She already thinks she is a little fish too! She kicks her legs, loves to splash, and wants to jump right out of your arms. She is constantly trying to stick her face in the water so that's a fun one! Lol. I have to stop her but every once and while she gets just the top of her head to touch and then realizes it was a bad idea and makes the cutest angry face. We spent a good 2-3 hours at the pool yesterday. Kaylee loves swimming but she gets tired of being held so after a bit her and I got out and watched while her daddy and uncle jumped off the diving board. She had so much fun watching them (and another adorable little boy... I think my baby had her first crush haha! more on that one later!) and walking around and getting splashed. Here are some fun videos and pictures of the boys jumping into the pool.

The little boy that walks by at the end of this video is the one that Kaylee was crushing on! haha. It was so cute he would get out of the pool and walk by and say HI BABY! and she would get SO EXCITED! Huge smiles, laughing, waving, and bouncing around! haha. It was pretty cute.

The other REALLY cute thing.. was watching my baby walk ALL OVER in her little swimsuit and adorable floppy hat! She has been walking for a while now but she REALLY has it down now!

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