Monday, January 17, 2011

Big News!

Hello My Bloggy Friends! 

So.. I know I'm still sucking on the blogging regularly thing.. I know I'll eventually get better at this.. things have been slightly hectic for me.. but it's a good thing because.... 

I am so excited! Mr.SailorMan and I had talked about it on and off for a while but about 2-3 weeks ago we made it official! I have been talking to lots of different people but finally feel like the ball is really rolling.. We have a realtor and loan broker and both of them are awesome and have really helped walk me through the process of everything and how it all works, expenses, etc.. it's been great. I'm super thankful because a good friend of ours recommended we talk to his girlfriend who is a realtor and she is the one who actually found and got us all hooked up with Melinda, and she has been great! We are so excited we know the exact area we want to live, we know our budget, and we've figured out our preferences and "wishlist" of things we would want in a house so to speak.. and now.... we actually have a few houses picked out and I'm hoping to get out  some time in Feb to make a choice so we can put in an offer!! We are hoping to have a house by the time we arrive in late April/early May. Mr.SailorMan and I are both very excited because it's obviously the first home either of us will own. We've lived in base housing and/or with people and all our stuff in storage since we got married, never really fully unpacking because we knew it wasn't ours and we wouldn't be staying long so we are excited to finally have something to truly be ours and somewhere to raise our baby(ies one day). The mister is going to be stationed in MD for at least for 3 years and after that will probably be getting out so we figure that's probably going to be our new forever home! At least that part of the country.. of course.. neither of us have ever lived there so who the heck knows! haha.. 
Can't wait to get a picture just like this with my little family and our little(perfect) house! <3

This makes me so happy about all the blog reading I do and projects I'll be able to take on in the decorating world to get my house to be my HOME. So excited!!

Anyways, tomorrow I start a new quarter of classes and am going to try and get going on a good routine for myself with the homework, devotional time, and gym time. Also planning to start keeping a diet journal.. I think it will truly help keep me more accountable.. I'll keep you guys posted though.. 

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