Thursday, September 1, 2011

10 Day You Challenge .... 10 Secrets

So I am sure that you guys have seen this challenge around in the bloggy world. I know that I saw quite a few bloggers doing it... and decided I would jump on board! So... 10 secrets...

10. I really dislike curse words. I know sometimes I let things get the best of me and I am certainly not proud of it, but when someone cusses every other word it really makes me cringe! I especially dislike when people cuss in front of their children. Call me old fashioned because I know that a lot of them hear it at school etc but I don't think they should hear it at home. But.. that's just me..

9. I try everything in my power to eat really healthy, workout everyday, and drink only water.. I am even on weight watchers right now, but honestly sometimes it just doesn't happen. I have been doing way better since starting weight watchers in the eating and drinking department, but the working out I still really struggle in! I know part of that is due to my fibromyalgia, it leaves me in pain for days after one intense 20-30min workout or run.

8. Guess it's not really a secret but a lot of people don't know that I have Fibromyalgia. I was diagnosed at 15 after waking up one morning swollen all over, in so much pain it wasn't even possible to get out of bed, and so weak I couldn't pick up a glass of water. After weeks and months of shuffling from one doctor to another, being pulled from regular school and put in home studies, facing my worst fears with needles and blood and tests, and being told it was all in my head or that I probably had __________ a life threatening or delapitating condition (you name it they said I had it) I finally got directed to a doctor that found the missing links. Learning to live with it was an interesting journey some days I am still learning because on the outside I look normal but on the inside sometimes I am in severe pain and people don't see that. Because it's not something that you can see physically on the outside I endured a lot of painful criticism and rumors when I returned of people thinking I had disappeared to give a baby up for adoption or whatever other things they thought up.

7. I honestly don't want to work a job... at all... I wish that I could always be a full time stay at home mom to take care of my family and kids... at least while the kids are younger... I really want to be able to be actively involved in all the different steps of their life... who knows... I've still got some time... but right now I am working some odds and ends jobs and applying for more... simply because we could use the money... not because I want to.

6. Another not to secret secret is that I am totally and completely addicted to Facebook to the point that it is sickening!!! I am working on breaking the habit little by little but I think I need to like go cold turkey for a while. I don't want to delete it all together because it's the way that I communicate with so many of my friends and family all over the place! I have been doing better and have been reminding myself not to waste time on things or people I don't need to talk to or read about. That has definitely helped!!

5. I am totally obsessed with music... singing and dancing in the like.. when it's just Kaylee and I we turned the music up extra loud and dance around. I totally adore the fact that my one year old loves dancing already because any little beat comes on and she is wiggling her shoulders, nodding her head, clapping her hands, and shaking her butt!! It's too cute. When in the car I like to turn the music up loud and just sing it out! Did I mention I am not a good singer or dancer? haha

4. I am not loving Maryland as much as I thought I would, but I think part of that is everything I do is online so I haven't had a huge chance to meet people and make new friends. We recently started attending a new church and I am hoping to get plugged in there and things will start getting better. Regardless I am making the most of our situation and our new found home and do all sorts of exploring etc. It's pretty cool but I can't deny I wish I had some friends.

3. I hate the summer. Okay for my close friends and family that isn't a BIG shocker, but honestly I hate the heat. I cannot stand when it's hot and humid... made MAryland in the summer a real pleasure... haha.. I could honestly live in like.. Seattle or something where it's cold practically all the time, but I won't lie.... I really enjoyed the midwest winter... yeah yeah call my crazy but just thinking about all the snow is cooling me off.

2. I have a serious problem with confrontation. I hate to confront someone and make a big deal out of things. I don't like fighting and any sort of uncomfortable discussion ends up with me in tears most times. The first sign at someone being mean I cry... haha... call me a baby but when I feel attacked I basically shut down... I mean if something is necessary I will get it out and the discussion will be over, but I don't see a point in being mean to people for no reason or attacking someone's beliefs. The only time I feel comfortable talking to people about things that could cause confrontation are when we are really close because even if we don't agree.... it usually is discussed in a loving manner.

1. I could totally live my life Duggar style. Okay Okay not quite that way but what I mean is I would love nothing more than to have a BIG family with lots of little babies.. but my husband doesn't like this pictures so much haha. We both came from large families but his experience left him wanting a small family and mine left me thinking BIG BIG BIG. I guess it will all be left in the Lord's hands.

 Wow! This was surprisingly harder than I anticipated... who has 10 secrets right off the top of their head? I really had to think about it!!

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