Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Learning to just be..... ME... and a wordless wednesday

Lately I have been finding excuses for why I CAN'T blog...

it's really kind of been ridiculous but I talk it into my head..

I have this thing engraved that if I am going to blog it has to be about something worth while
something with meaning
something people will want to read...

I just don't blog..
unless I feel like I have something worth while

and then I had an epiphany
okay really it's just what I should have realized all along anyways and in my head sometimes did
but of course let the fear of being boring get in the way...
this blog is about ME..
it's about my family..
my life...
the things I do
the things I enjoy doing
the things I don't enjoy doing
the things that make me smile
or frown
or even growl

I don't need to be "interesting"
I don't need to have a big special topic
or an awesome giveaway
or a sweet tutorial
or some great read..
I just need to be...

And I need to be okay with being just ME.

I am a Christian
I am a wife (to a sailor)
I am a mom
I am a stay at home mom
I am a student
I work part time for all kinds of randomness
and I am happy to be all of those things.

Will my posts always be interesting? 
probably not...
but I am pretty sure I will make some sweet bloggy friends anyway!

So here's to being me..
and rocking it in all places...

real life and bloggy <3

oh and I leave you with this..
Wordless Wednesday..
cause I really don't think this cutie needs words

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