Monday, September 26, 2011

Dear Migraine

Oh mannn... I have had a killer migraine for the last 2 days... the kind that is so bad it makes you vomit from the pain. It has been terrible.. I am FINALLY starting to feel back to my normal self a little bit but I am still not 100% that's for sure. Our family has spent a lot of time sick, in the drs office, and just plain miserable this week!! Kaylee had shots, then two days later had to be rushed to the ER because of a bad reaction or the shots.... we tried to get a dr's appt first but of course the military medical center (which I won't name) never ever has any openings unless I wait weeks and months... which is frustrating since tricare requires us to go there!! So my husband and I took her to the er and had to wait forever... while we were waiting for her turn.. Kaylee made friends with a nice air force lady and decided to put on everyone's hats...

When they finally saw her they couldn't really tell her what was wrong but luckily the nasty rash she had went away a few days later... although she has picked up her first little cool season bug... her and I both have a little cold so she spent a lot of time snuggled on me like this..

My poor little chicky is so sweet even when she feels miserable. I just love her and watching her grow and change and learn. It's so fun! Her fav snack lately is graham crackers too!

Also wanted to share this fun pic of my latest bargain purchases at Jo-Ann's!

I so cannot wait to start putting some projects together with this fun stuff! 


  1. I'm sorry she didn't have a good experience with her shots. :( Poor girl. I hated taking my kids in for their shots. ((HUGS)) for next time.

  2. You poor thing! Two days?? I've only had a migraine three or four times and they only lasted a few hours but those were some of the worst of my life!

    Shots are a close second. You had a rough week!


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