Thursday, September 15, 2011

Help!!! Experienced sewers... and What's your Song Link Up

Okay this post has the possibility to go in all sorts of RANDOM directions... so bare with me okay!

I am impatiently waiting on the arrival of MY very own beautiful brand new sewing machine sometime today. I am SO excited because this has been a year in the making of FINALLY starting to sew. If you remember about 10 months ago I started talking about wanted to sew and then went to a craft thing at church where I made this pillow case dress of an organization that brings them to Africa and Haiti and all kinds of other places.

I was so excited and had so much fun doing this that I KNEW it was meant to be for me and sewing. THere are just SO many fun creations and endless possibilities and I love crafting plus it's something that can be for ME time but I can make things for my house and my family etc. So I am STOKED!!

I've had all these ideas of all these things I want to do and then yesterday I sorta started to panic hahaha I am so ridiculous! but... I started to freak out like... there is no one here to show me what to do... what kind of projects do I start with? What type of tools are the important ones?! I know I'm nuts... turning something that should be fun and relaxing into such a big deal haha... BUT I have since calmed down and am just going to go with the slow but I am seriously interested to hear what you guys think are the MUST HAVE tools and the best projects for beginningers.

And next up... here is my song link up... I happen to LOVE Christy Nockels and ALL of her songs... if you haven't heard her music before you really need to listen to it... the other day on the way to pick up my love the radio stations were all blah to me so I flipped on this CD turned the music up loud and my mini and I rocked out with dancing, hand banging, and singing to this song... and it was so fun watching her get her groove on and worship God with me in the back seat!!

So there you have it.. I have another post in mind that will probably be up VERY soon but for now I need to go get a butt ton of homework done because I have been laying low thats to the insane 24HOURSICKNESS I have thanks to little baby 2 growing in my belly... no I don't refer to it as morning sickness because I am literally sick 24 hours a day nonstop! Anyways... I have been out of it and am behind on hw and cant get started on crafting goodness until I am more caught up!


  1. You and your sewing machine will start out in a love hate relationship. Haha I've had mine three years, and I suck, but I don't use it often because I have no permanent spot for it. (Going to try and fix that!) Pot holders are super easy to start out with just to get the feel for your machine. I can rock those. LOL Thanks for popping by my blog today! :)

  2. I highly suggest this book ( It has a ton of different projects from baby clothes, clothes for you, stuff for the kitchen, the house, just for fun. Some are very basic and easy, some you can work up to a little bit. All of which only use 1 yard of fabric which is nice because it sucks spending the money to buy 3 yards of fabric for a starter project and then realizing half way through you've screwed up, cut wrong, and ruined the project. (Been there!) Also, this book is awesome because it breaks down everything about sewing, how to prep your fabric, different stitches, tons of great information!


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