Thursday, September 22, 2011

God Gave Me You -- What's Your Song Link-Up

This is going to seem totally obvious but lately more than ever I have been reminded by home completely much I adore my husband. The other day I was laying in bed thinking about the things he does that show me he loves me. I came up with a few, silly, but true things....

He gives me all the pillows if I really want them. This might seem silly but you see we have 7 pillows on our bed... and 9 times out of 10... I wake up with 6 of them... and him with 1... I am always really uncomfortable because of my Fibro and my back and all that good stuff (and now because I'm pregnant) and he will give me every single pillow if I ask... but I try to spare him 1 ;] haha

He basically lets me do whatever I want for dinner (especially lately while I am so 24-hours-a-day-sick morning sick and basically can't eat anything I cook because the process of cooking makes me want to hurl). He will take me somewhere else to get me whatever it is I want to eat... and the other night waited in two separate drive thrus with me for 45 mins to get sweet tea from one place and dinner from another. You see.... he hates being in the car... sooo this is a big deal!

He works really hard to make our house the best HOME that he can. You see... he usually honestly stresses me out when he starts all his big house projects... You know the Excedrin commercial? With the power washer and the wife? Yeah I often think that's my life haha BUT you see what he really is doing? Is trying to offer myself and our children what we both never had.. and for that I will love him forever.

He rubs my back all the time even when he really just wants to play video games or sleep he always does his best to make sure I am comfortable. And I love that about him.

I could go on forever but those are some of the really big ones... silly and yet totally perfect an honest... that and he is the BEST daddy ever. Kaylee gets SO excited when he walks through the door and they have a special time together every single night. (Our three year wedding anniversary is next week too!!)

So with that being said... for this week's What's Your Song Link-Up I chose God Gave Me You by Blake Shelton. This is one of my favoriate songs right now and I turn it up really loud in the car and sing my heart out to it while thinking about my mister man... cheesy I know... This Link up is hosted by one of my fav bloggers and sewing inspiration Amber which you can check out over at Goodnight Moon. She is hilarious and so fun to follow so don't miss her posts! Plus... she always has the BEST giveaways! Right now she is giving away a free copy of Spooky Buddies head here to enter the giveaway! I seriously Hope I win because Kaylee is DYING to see this and gets SO excited every time the commercial comes on!!!

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