Thursday, September 8, 2011

Big news and 7 wants.... and a give away reminder!


I have a biiiiiig announcement! In the last 24 hours I have taken three test.... all popping up with 2 little pink lines meaning.... we're having a baby! I am so excited to bring my family from 3 to 4 and make my sweet Kay a big sister... I know she will be the greatest at it! That being said... we still have to go to the doctor for all the officials but with how sick and yet sooo excited I have been feeling there was no way I could keep it a secret!! Sooo bring on baby 2!

7 wants...  in no particular order

1... after this INSANE week of tropical storm rains, thunder, tornado warnings, winds I am sooooooo ready and WANT this all to stop... ESP the rain! It has been raining every freakin day since Monday and it's crazy the amount of flooding, damage, fallen trees we have around... we haven't had any fall in our yard yet and I really want to keep it that way!!

2... for power to get restored for all my friends and family in San Diego and for everyone to be safe and SMART while it is out!!

3... for this morning sickness that is KICKING MY BUTT to ease up just a little bit... it's sooo early and already has me soooo on my butt! wooohooo... wayy worse than with Kaylee!

4.... my sewing machine so I can FINALLY learn! Anyways... I am getting that very soon when I get my refund from school!! woohoo finally

5... a deep freezer to do some serious freezer cooking!! but this is far off hahaa...

6... more free time to craft and DIY it up!... but lets be honest... with homework... and now another baby coming... there isn't much free time in my future haha

7.... to join an awesome bible study and make lots of new friends and baby friends for Kaylee!


  1. Congrats on baby #2. Hope the sickness gets better. How exciting!

  2. Aww congratulations! I can't wait to get pregnant, but I am DREADING morning sickness. Hang in there!

  3. First of all, I stumbled upon your blog through mrs. alana's miscellany. Her husband and I have been friends for several years. Her post from today led me to view some amazing blogs (and as a new "blogger" myself, I am in need of some blogging tlc).

    Secondly, Congratulations on baby #2! I am pregnant now with baby #1 due in February. Looking forward to following along in your pregnancy!


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