Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11, 2011.... 10 years later...

It's interesting thinking back 10 years... most times we have no clue what we were doing on this exact day ten years ago... but 10 years after 9-11... SO many people know EXACTLY where they were on that Tuesday morning when the whole world changed..

I was in the 7th grade on the west coast just waking up for school after the first plane hit.. I got up and sat in my parents bed while glued to the TV when all of a sudden we saw the second plane come in... it was then that I knew this was no accident and someone meant harm on our country... the rest of the days following were such a blur and I was constantly glued to the screen... even at a mere 12 years old I ached for those who were lost, those who lost their loved ones, the brave heroes who went into that building willing to risk their lives to save just one more life, the kids who would never meet their parents, and a country in a state of shock and in mourning. I didn't know then what exactly the day meant and what it would entail for this country... but I knew that we were forever changed.

Ten years later... now a 22 year old adult, mother, and wife to a sailor in the United States Navy I understand more than ever what this day did to our country... I will never forget that September day ten years ago... and I hope that no one else does either... we lost over 3000 people that day... and over 4000 in the years of war that were declared on that day... my heart is forever with those we have lost and their families. God bless and be with you all.

I was going to write a longer post... but as I started looking at pictures... and listening to videos and watching the live stream this morning from ground zero... it seemed that words don't do justice on this day... the pictures and videos speak for themselves... Just looking at these brings tears to my eyes and a knot in my stomach...

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  1. wow. no matter how long its been or how many pictures we may have seen, they always have such an impact to see again. its like i'm in that day again. i was 17 and living in DC and i remember what i felt that day still to this moment. thanks for sharing. found you since you found me ;) yaaay. following.


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