Friday, August 26, 2011

flash floods, high winds, hurricanes OH MY!

So being the west coast girl that I am this hurricane stuff has sort of really freaked me out!! The government and news are obviously doing the best that they can to explain and keep the public up to day, but it has gotten me a little more riled up that I expected...

The last few days while I was in San Diego I kept thinking about it and the fact that when we got home we needed to prepare and I was thankful to fly in so early this morning.... but.... I don't think that I was fully prepared for what a hurricane means and how you really have to prep for something like this...

They are saying that this hurricane has potential to cause some serious damage so it's been kind of crazy for me to think about. As I got home and really started to discover and unfold how you prep for a hurricane.... I was surprisingly calm!

I headed out to the commisary at about 11 to stock up on nonperishables and some fruit and lunch meat and drinks and water... I ended up going alone because my husband barely got any sleep waiting for my plane last night and Kaylee had fallen asleep for a nap... So I left them both!! On the 20 min drive I kept wondering if the commisary was going to be a mad house, if things would even be left on the shelves, reviewing my list in my head and just thinking about the possibilities of this hurricane..

We are in a location where depending on which way the hurricane turns... it could really go either way for us... we aren't SO close to the shore that it will be deadly but we are in a location that could be considered high risk and at the lowest medium risk... They have been reporting that we could potentially be without electricity and water for a few days... So I knew that I needed to be fully prepared... When I got to the commisary it was definitely chaos with all the people in there, but it wasn't as crazy as I thought. The water was almost out though so I was happy to get 2 cases and a few little baby ones.... As I wondered the aisles checking out other peoples carts and keeping the random lists I'd read in mind... I began to get kind of nervous... I'd walk past an aisle and go "Oh this has a shelf life and doesn't need to be cooked.." and "hey this too" little by little my cart was overflowing with a whole lot of random stuff..... my nerves kicked in as I dropped one thing after another in the cart... haha... 200 dollars later I was like... HOLY COW WHAT IN THE WORLD?! lol... but hey.... if this hurricane does knock out our power... we will be well fed... maybe a little overweight even!!

When Mike woke up and saw the cabinets and counters he was like "wow... you obviously haven't been through a hurricane season yet!" I couldn't help but be freaked out... told him he shouldnt send me alone!! My brother in law is pretty happy with the fully stocked cabinets too though.

I also moved everything out of the yard that could fly away including the hose and our solar power lights for the walk way. I filled up 2 pitchers and our 4 sports bottles with filtered water just as an extra and gased the car up to full...

Through all of this... I remained pretty stinkin calm if I do say so for a born and raised cali girl who has never seen a hurricane or tornado or even serious flooding... What did me in was when I started to pack an emergency bag and had to pick out the important documents to put in air tight bags and take with... of course at this point that's all really slim to none that we would have to evacuate... but I am thinking better to get it done now... as I started to think about what I would need and what Kaylee would need and which documents were most important... I felt myself kind of internally freak out.... I decided to just stop... I went downstairs... said a few prayers and relaxed on the couch with my little. I am feeling a lot more at peace but the thought of having to evacuate really freaked me out... I know that if they said leave... there is no doubt in my mind that I would because I won't wait around waiting for trouble but just the thought of it is kind of terrifying!!

Anyways... we are spending the evening resting... enjoying our electronics and each others company... and if tomorrow the hurricane is bad and we get some crazy weather and some flooding and some scary winds... well... we will get through it... all this stuff... it's just stuff... as long as I have my family and we are safe... that's what matters!

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