Thursday, October 27, 2011

T is for Toddlers... which is for Tiring! And a Song-Link Up

My daughter is almost 18 months old
and is officially ALL toddler
there is NO baby left in that girl
except that she is MY baby
my sweet, adorable, funny, smart baby girl.

I absolutely adore the age and phase she is currently in..
always watching, soaking in, and learning
Yesterday I was chasing her around the house
per our usual routine
and I stopped and was like
granted I know that part of the major tiring is that I am pregnant
and I would go to bed at 8pm every night if the hubs didn't call me an old woman
but anyways..

Toddlers are tiring...
but they are also sooo rewarding
I am having so much fun watching her grow and learn
and learning right there with her.
I have all kinds of fun posts brewing about my sweet girl
But I thought I'd share a story from our WIC appt this morning

It was our first appt at the WIC here in MD
and I won't lie.. I was dreading it big time!!
I HATED WIC appts in CA.
They always looked at me like I was retarded
but anyways that's besides the point
We go to our appt
and we finally get called back
and she takes both our weights and heights
and then she says she has to do an iron test
and I am like...
doesn't that mean she has to prick us???
and I start to sort of panic
see.... I am not a fan of shots, blood, or needles
I am not a freak out melt down girl like I was as a kid
but I like warning to prep pep talk myself
Well she did have to prick us
she asked who we should have go first
and wanted Kay but I said that it'd probably be better if I went first
because if she went first she'd be crying and squirming
and I wouldn't be able to stay still for mine.

So I went first and I was like whoa ow that kind of hurt when she pricked me...
then it was Kaylee's turn and I was gearing up for the melt down
So they clean her fingers and they prick her...
She said oh ow and then was mesmerized by the bandaid and that was the end of it!

What the heck!
There is no way my 17 month old daughter handled a finger prick
better then I did!!!! haha
It was pretty funny!

Anyways... for this week's song link-up over at Goodnight Moon
I chose
"Never Grow Up" by Taylor Swift
it's super cute and I hope that no matter how old she gets
Kaylee always loves to snuggle and give me hugs and dance in the kitchen with me

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