Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Park Playdates.

Last week Kaylee and I dropped all our regular plans, bundled up in warm clothes, packed a picnic and headed out to find a new park I found online.
We ended up not being able to find the park, but we kept driving and stumbled upon the jackpot of parks.
This park had an insane play structure that covered the whole park!!
It was filled with slides, swings, rock walls, bars, planks, play cars, drums, you name it... they had it!
We had a blast just playing at the park for 2 hours and enjoying each others company.

Here are some of my favorite shots:

I have found myself feeling pretty guilty lately that Kaylee doesn't get to do enough for just her.
We are always working on the house, or doing homework, or running errands, or working or whatever and she sometimes gets lost in the hussle and bussle.
My mom told me not to feel guilty because I am 13 weeks pregnant, going to school, and trying to maintain a house that seems to be trying to crumble around me and I can only do so much, but Kaylee is my number one ALWAYS and I want her to get fun stuff too.
So we will be trying to do something like this more often
Be it heading to the park, or to DC, or whatever...
Next up I really want to get her to story time at the library..
Sounds like something she would enjoy!

We are off to pick up the house and bake cookies before daddy gets home from work.
He needs a little extra love in his life with all the stress of the house.


  1. Aww what a fun afternoon! You two are adorable. And your mom is so right, don't feel guilty, you are doing a remarkable job as wifey, mommy, and student!

  2. she's so cute and so are you, mama! park days are awesome. i especially love how tired they get which means they come home and take really good naps. : )


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