Monday, October 17, 2011

Misc Monday!

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This quarter of classes are finished! I honestly couldn't be happier right now because I NEEDED a break! I have been going literally nonstop since the beginning of Jan with NO breaks... so this week I have a mini break and next week I start back up on my new classes! Craziness will commence then too! 
This week I have a lot planned for the little miss and I. Today is a long day of errands filled with some grocery shopping, getting my brother in law a state ID, post office, gas, and target. When we get home it's going to be a full fledged cleaning frenzy. I want to clean out the fridge, organize some of the cabinets (including that pesky spice cabinet!), I want to mop the floors, laundry, organizing the living room a little more with some baskets downstairs for toys for kaylee rather then the ugly tub we have now, and clean all the bathrooms.... then it's up the stairs which is the part of the house that really needs attention... Kaylee's room needs a serious clean out.. with full officially upon us on the East Coast I need to get those summer clothes out of her drawers and really organize and see what she needs... which is basically everything! haha.. Poor thing has one pair of jeans! Just like I need to organize her drawers... my drawers and closet are in desperate need of attention... I am going to clean it all out and get it organized and bring out my warmer clothes from the closet in the other room. My vanity not only needs to be organized but it needs a good scrubbing down from all the hair product and make up! And last but not least... the biggest danger zone.... my office/playroom/sewing room/storage space... yeah it's a huge disaster of a multipurpose room... it needs SOME organization. I'm not thinking anything crazy mostly because that's most likely going to be the room Kaylee and our newest peanut share so I don't want to do any super hard or special work in there. Lots of cleaning/organizing to take place this week! Also taking Kaylee for our first play date tomorrow! Excited about that!

I FINALLY get to start sewing tomorrow! So be on the look out for some pics and post all about how that ends up going!! I won't lie... I'm a little nervous but SO freakin exciting! I have so many random projects all planned in my head but first I am making Kaylee and my niece trick or treating bags!! 

Had my first baby peanut appointment officially on Friday and because of all the cancels and mix ups they pulled on me.. Hubs ended up being able to be there.. I was so happy! Baby is growing and healthy and has a strong heart beat and hearing that was all the ressurance in the world that I needed. I'd been having nightmares that something was wrong... So it was so nice to know everything was going well. Got to see pictures and will upload a few probably later today or tomorrow. It turns out I am further along than expected and am due May 1st! Woohoo! I have another appt in two weeks.

I am really getting into the fall spirit and so ready to start baking some yummy treats so be on the look out for pics of that too! I have been craving chocolate peanut butter no bake cookies so you BET there will be some in the near future. I love this time of year. Getting excited for Halloween got Kaylee the cutest little pirate costume and plan to be a pirate to match her! But you know what I am really excited about.... Christmas! We did some cleaning in the garage last night so I went through some stuff to see what we had... and I got so excited for the Winter Wonderland we are going to create in this house. I love it! That is def my favorite time of year. Nothing like Christmas time!

Well... better get going on my busy day! Join us on the misc monday... I think I am going to make this a regular thing!!

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