Monday, October 24, 2011

A case of the Monday's... with a little hope

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It's definitely Monday... just finished a whole post and went to add pics... blogger malfunctioned and never even saved it... AWESOME.
Here's a recap... simple and to the point... even though my other post was a lot more in depth and learned more.. I have to get my day started and will just do the bullets and post more about stuff later

-- Morning sickness seems to finally be subsiding... win!
-- Ceiling is leaking again.. fail!
Will def be posting more about this later
-- Finally pulled out my sewing machine and made Kaylee this cute dress.. from a pillow case... win!

And lastly, after a very stressful morning (by 8 am hubs was already on the verge of a heart attack) I opened my devotional for some time with God to read this:
"Life-giving Power
"This is my comfort in my affliction, for Your word has given me life." -Psalm 119:50

Sometimes life is difficult. We face many challenges and disappointments that we may find hard to accept. But fortunately we have a heavenly Father who cares deeply for us in every way. He has given us His Word to guide us and give us the wisdom to withstand any situation that life brings. We only have to open the Book of Life to find comfort that allows us to be all that God wants us to be for our benefit and His glory."

Isn't it amazing that He always knows exactly what we need to read and when it needs to happen. I emailed this to my hubs at work in hopes it would help lighten his day a little. I plan to refer back to this through out the day when I start to get frustrated.

It's Monday... and mine was off to a pretty rocky place but I am thankful for a God who sends comforts when I need them. Life is difficult and I am hoping I can stay light in spirit and positive through my difficult day.

Here's to hoping the same for you and hoping this was what you needed to read today too..


  1. That little dress you made is adorable!!

    I'm a new follower from Misc Monday


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