Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Taking a Time Out

I was doing good about blogging everyday which has really been a goal of mine
so I was pretty happy about that.
But Monday I set myself some goals to get a ton of homework finished before my dr's appt to see the baby
and then that evening we headed over to our neighbors for some chili 
and then out for trick or treating with this little cutie
I know you are dying at her cuteness because I sure was!!!
Anyways I had really wanted to blog but obviously... those things took priority!!

Yesterday the hubs left for some military stuff for a few days
so it was just me and my little.
I had a lot of errands to run and decided to start our day off 
by having a mommy baby lunch date at Red Lobster

As you can see..
she was enjoying those biscuits..
she had her own
and still kept stealing mine!
Silly girl

So after lunch we ran some errands and
then spent some time at home cleaning and taking care of business
but she was soooo whiny the rest of the day
I think she now really notices when daddy isn't around

I have been feeling super drained so by the end of the day I decided I just needed to
take a time out.
I put Kay in bed a little early
I turned my phone to silent, turned off my laptop, and stayed off of FB and blogger
I went into my room and I just enjoyed the silence
and solitude.
I pampered myself with some stuff around the house
took a long hot shower
did some reading in my new book
Following God with All Your Heart by Elizabeth George
(which is amazing fyi)
read my devotional
and just recharged my batteries
mind, body, and soul

And that was EXACTLY what I needed.
This morning everything is still the same
the ceiling still has a hole from the master shower's leak
my husband is still gone
my  daughter is still whiny
the errands still need to done
and the homework is still stacked up
and the list goes on

the difference now 
is that I am at peace
my hair is nice and soft
my nice are nice and shiny
(which is huge because the old laqcuer was yellowing since I never got it taken off after my sisters wedding...
in JULY... sad I know)
my teeth are white
and my feet are soft
and my heart and mind are rested and happy.

So please... do yourself a favor 
and take some time for you.
Put the babies to bed a little early
and stay up a little later
and enjoy some mommy only quiet time.

You will be so glad you did


  1. stopping by to send some bloggy love from your new follower.

    hope you can follow me back

  2. Time to myself sounds so nice...may have to put it on the plans for the weekend! Thanks for the great reminder :)

    Love the cute little pirate - too sweet!

  3. (just came across your blog)
    I totally agree.. I actually just planned to do some outlet shopping with a cousin next week! I will have an entire Mommy day! Yay!

  4. I am so glad you got a little well deserved you time! And yes, hands down the cutest little pirate ever.

  5. Oh my goodness, she is the sweetest little lady pirate! And I'm totally with you on the time-out -- sometimes it's just what the doctor ordered.


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