Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hi Bloggy Friends

I am kind of MIA right now
and probably will be for another week
school is INSANELY busy but I am working really hard
to get the grades I want and KNOW I can get...
and I am spending a lot of time focusing on God and my relationship with Him
somewhere along the way in the last 6 months
I lost some of my focus because of the craziness this world has thrown at me
but... God is good ALL the time
and HE has really been working in my life lately
on top of that the house is crazy as always
and my baby girl is 18 months
and deserves way more attention and fun than I have been giving her
we are going to Ohio for 5 days for thanksgiving to see babygirls
you read that right great times 2!!

Sooo look back for me in a bit when things slow down
and... have an amazing blessed happy filled with love and family Thanksgiving

1 comment:

  1. It can be a juggling act trying to balance school, a baby, and life! I'm finally finishing up my last year of nursing school so glad to be almost done. Good luck with your finals!


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