Monday, November 14, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @
lowercase letters
1. It's that time of year where all the stores start putting out their Christmas stuff
the hubs and I were walking through walmart tonight and I noticed the Christmas goodies were out
which of course led these bad boys to catch my eye
except in the huge 1/2 pound bar...
I definitely had to buy one..
2. This weekend we went on a family day out to DC
it was so much fun 
we packed a picnic lunch
and ate it in front of the National Monument
and then explore some of the Smithsonians
we will definitely be doing it again ASAP
3. Now that fall is officially upon us
our backyard is kind of out of control
we have like 20 trees total just in our yard...
so it's pretty crazy
the last few days the hubs and brother in law have been working on it
I pretty much just watch and open bags
but it's been fun 
because I can catch moments like this one..
4. My baby is loosing all her baby features
and headed full force into toddler hood
and it's really fun!
She is officially trying really hard to eat with her own utensils,
(we started this one late!! bad mommy)
and today
we bought her a toddler bed
no more crib for this girl! 
We also bought her her first pair of REAL shoes
not just the soft baby shoes
they were a success!!
She loves them!
Doesn't want to take them off
(So cute right?!)
5. To go with toddler hood 
she is officially 18 months old!
To match the new found 18 month old
the hubs and I are trying to really cut back on the binky useage
the doctor wanted us to a long time ago
but I didn't feel like she is ready
and now I definitely think she is ready
we still let her have it for sleepy time
or any time she is really upset
but overall I have been trying to keep it away from her to just suck on randomly
she would just find them and stick them in
not cause she needed them
but because they were there
so that's what we are working at eliminating
I'll keep you posted!

6. I will be 16 weeks tomorrow
and that is mind boggling to me!
I will start taking pictures to document the belly
that is definitely starting to grow!

check back this week for some fun and serious updates about my life

until next time,

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  1. your little one is a cutie! congrats on the pregnancy too!


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