Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Aghhh Bathroom problems galore... and the Duggars are on baby 20

Hey bloggy friends...
things around here have been sooo crazy
I mentioned a few posts back
that our ceiling was leaking for the (THIRD) time since we moved in
they started the work
and literally every hour there is some more bad news
we are literally swimming in problems with this house
I feel so bad for my husband who is stressed beyond belief
but we have been leaning on each other and on the Lord
and it'll all get worked out
we are having to sue the man who we bought the house from
because all of the problems
are because he did a bunch of improper installs
life keeps going
and we are getting through it one foot in front of the other
the only way we can
I am not as stressed as the previous Amanda would be
the Lord has really changed me
I continually cast my anxiety on Him
and He truly has provided every time.

anyways... that's the update on my life..
not really but it's kind of encompassing my life right now!!

Another thing I really feel the need to talk about are the Duggars
This morning I saw a post on a popular blog page on fb about the news clip saying that the Duggars
are expecting baby 20
I read the article and watched the clip
and then I started reading the comments people were posting below on this feed on FB.
And all I have to say is HOW DISGUSTING people are these days.
How hateful, judgmental, mean, and outright wrong of people to say the things they are saying
((let it be known now these are MY opinions on MY blog and if you post a nasty comment on here I will delete them and ignore you because this isn't about hating on each other))
Obviously everyone is entitled to their own opinions
and I am all for positively and NICELY stating your opinions
I think debating and sharing views on things is healthy
but to instantly start judging, saying hateful things, and bashing people you DON'T EVEN KNOW. 
is just not okay
these women on this page are cursing them for their decision,
saying they can't afford their kids and when their fame runs out America will be supporting them too
saying that other women can't have kids so they shouldn't have any more
and saying all kinds of other much worse things that I don't care to repeat
I guess my biggest problem is that unless we actually know our facts on something
how can we even say such mean things? 
This family has always taken care of themselves...
Jim Bob is a solid hard working man,
they have lived debt free for years and well under their means
and without many modern luxuries we have (including something as simple as tv/cable)
do they work as a family unit where the older kids help with the responsibilities? 
yes they do 
and yeah they are an abnormally huge family...
but that doesn't make them wrong
or deserve to be hated.
They are very good parents who LOVE their kids
Their 20 kids (esp the older ones) are more well behaved then some families who have 2 kids
they have raised their kids to have morals, values, and be well behaved
sure they are old fashioned and very traditional
that just makes them different.
I could go ON AND ON AND ON about this one
but the last thing I will say
is the whole point of this
is just because someone is different then you 
because they are able to and want to have a lot of kids
because they desire to follow God 
and desire to live an old fashioned life
just because you don't UNDERSTAND or AGREE with their life
does NOT give you an excuse, an okay, or a free pass to hate on them.

People hate to be judged and yet are so quick to judge and bash people.
If everyone just learned to show people a little love and respect and courtesy 
we would live in a much nicer place. 

Those are my two cents on the whole thing.

I think the worse part for me reading all these nasty comments
and the fights being started
are all between a bunch of military wives
C'mon ladies!
We are one of the MOST stereotyped community groups out there
people are ALWAYS talking trash about our "large" families,
having too many kids, having them too soon,
being too young when we get married,
being too young when we have kids,
having kids too close in age,
the list goes on and on
and we as a group should learn
we hate being judged
so why are we the first to jump up
and judge this family.

What are your thoughts?
And remember...
be nice or I will delete your comments.

BY THE WAY, I am fully aware of the health concerns and risks etc after her last baby
but in the clip she talks about it being cleared with her doctors to move forward
and that's something that everyone needs to respect is their decision. 


  1. I hope the problems with your house are fixed for good soon!

    I agree with you completely about the Duggars. I've recently read one of the books the Duggars wrote and have to say that I really admire their values and standards, their faith, and they're debt free living.

  2. Actually it's thanks to the Duggar's I came up with something. I watch their show and admire them because they are debt free. And their married son is debt free too. Society needs more of that. Well Mr. Y and I can't have kids together but people have come up to him and said to him that we shouldn't have kids right away. That has been hurtful to me because I'm the one that can't have kids. So now I've come up with something to say... "Mr. Y and I do not use protection because we believe that we should accept any child that G-d seems fit to bless us with" Now that will lead those to believe that we will have 20 plus kids but I don't care. But it's more over we will have to adopt (or get a surrogate). People just talk bad because they are jealous.

  3. You are so right! It's sad how quick to judge people can be. In my experience, those who are quick to judge the way others live generally don't have much going on in their own lives.

    I admire the Duggars - they do a lot of amazing work, they love the Lord, and they seem really happy together! But even if I didn't admire them, it's really none of my business what they do. I think it's sad that some people have nothing better to do than spew hateful words and criticism over the internet. Very discouraging.

  4. You are so right best friend! Who are we to judge each other, especially us WOMEN! We should be building each other up and encouraging each other instead of bashing each other.

    Besides, you and I both know that any judgement on earth means nothing. <3


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