Friday, November 19, 2010

random things that make me happy

Ok so I have been wanting to blog on all the new things/deals/awesome stuff going on in my life but haven't had time!

First things first... this weekend my princess turned 6 months old.. where has the time gone?! Seriously I am in utter amazement every single day by the sweet little girl God blessed me with. She is growing and changing every single day and before I know it she will be crawling. It is such a blessing to be her mommy and I wouldn't trade the sleepless nights or trying to study one handed so that I can hold her at the same time for the world. It's a challenge sometimes but she truly has changed my life for the better and I will do everything in my power to give her the best life possible.

On Monday, We got these awesome pictures taken at the Target Portrait Studio! They came out so good that I had to buy the disc so I have them to do whatever I want to! I am so excited about them and can't wait to get on shutterfly and get creative!! I would have already but homework has really been owning my life this week, makes it hard to find time for much else!
 This is the latest Motive's Make-up catelog. I just ordered some stuff from them for the first time and let me tell you it is such nice make-up! A little pricey but if you are willing to spend it you won't be disappointed! I went to a Make-up party a lady at church was hosting for her daughter who just became a junior member and got a make over and instantly fell in love and bought a few things. It's always nice to feel pretty you know!

 These would be my awesome new running shoes that I absolutely love. What makes them even more awesome is that I got them from Khol's on a super good sale with a 30% off coupon needless to say.. they were less than 35 dollars! And, I got 20 dollars Khol's cash (and another 10 from a different purchase) that I went back with another day and got my new favorite thing.  A HEATING BLANKET! Being a SoCal girl I never needed one, but experiencing my first REAL winter this thing is a must! It's like 22 degrees outside tonight! Anyways, I knew I wanted one and knew they were going to be expensive.. Costco had one on sale for 30 and it was hard to walk away, but I wanted to look around and knew I could go back and get it if need be. So I go into Khols and this heating blanket is normally 105 (anyone who knows me knows I am cheap and would never spend this much) on sale for 55 plus my 30% coupon which had't expired yet AND my 30 dollars khols cash.. I got the blanket AND  a new long sleeve shirt for a whopping $17.56!!! I am so super proud of my steal of a deal which makes me love the blanket even more!

So obviously, it's the simple things in life that make me happy and I wanted to throw out there that we got new windshield wipers for the car this week. HOLY COW .. I have NEVER been SO EXCITED to use my windshield wipers... THEY ACTUALLY WORK! I can see out of my front window after I use them!
Which will be especially nice because...
It's officially winter in the Midwest! sorry for the not so great picture it was taken through the window haha as I have yet to purchase my own pair of snow pants or boots I have not spent any time in the snow yet. A lot of it has melted off but it's definitely here to stay until spring! So now those windshield wipers are extra special to my heart!

I also wanted to let you mommy's with little princesses know about some of my favorite online stores (aka women who are amazing and talented and have created their own website and stores etc) a fellow navy wife runs this page and it's so awesome! Do not let the store name fool you, yes she rocks but she takes custom orders and has made some of the MOST amazing things that my Kaylee owns/wears!! You can also check out the facebook page HERE
http://  a pair of marine wives who set this up for some fun and ended up making a thriving business out of it! I am currently waiting on my order from them but know that it will be nothing short of amazing.. they have one day left on their 20% off sale!! Check out their facebook page HERE Elisabeth is awesome and makes everything! Hats, bows, dressed, jewelery.. you name it the girl is amazing with crochet needles! I just got a sneak peak at the hat I had custom made for Kaylee and LOVE cannot wait to get it in the mail! Check out her facebook HERE

Isn't it so adorable?! I will post pictures of some of the other goods I picked up from her later!

Lastly, Lil Monster Hats! I've never personally ordered but they have some really adorable stuff for your little girls AND boys! So mama's check it out!!

Anyways, one last big thing to report... This weekend I get to craft! You have no idea how excited this makes me!! I have been desperately wishing to get a break so I could craft, but I just never seem to find it! This weekend our church is hosting something called Hearts and Hands where the women come together, craft on whatever projects you want, and eat a delicious lunch... AND we get to take a class of our choice! Our whole family originally signed up for the pie crust demonstration... until I found out there was a class for learning to Sew!!!!! I am beyond excited as I have been wanting to do this for a while! If all goes well, I will be asking for people to get me amazon giftcards for christmas to buy the sewing machine I've got my eye on! So be on the look out for a post about that!!


oh.. and to leave you with one of my my fav pictures from our photoshoot..

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