Friday, November 5, 2010

America's Best Kept Secret... and hopefully a skinner me!

Have any of you been to the Midwest before? I can say that until I moved here on Sept  27, I had only ever landed in MSP on a quick (and dramatic) layover once in Jan of 2009 on a flight to visit my father-in-law in Ohio. Anyways, that being said, my first time was when I was moving here while the hubs is training and deploying. Risky? Absolutely, but hey this is where my family is!  That being said, it is absolutely amazing here! I am convinced that the Midwest with its clean air, beautiful landscape, sweet and welcoming people, farm land, seasons, cleanliness, wholesome small town feel, and water towers is definitely America’s BEST KEPT secret. I think that so many people think, “Bad weather and farms, I’m not interested,” but seriously people YOU ARE MISSING OUT!! Yeah, I haven’t lived through the snowy cold seasons and there is no denying this California born and raised girl is going to have a hard time adjusting, but even still if you haven’t been the Midwest you need to book a vacation ASAP! Minneapolis and St. Paul are both gorgeous cities right along the Mississippi and the metropolitan area surrounding has every bit of the small town feel only 25 minutes from the twin cities. One thing I have grown to appreciate in the small town I’m living in is… Water towers… call me crazy but there is something incredibly comforting and soothing about seeing a water tower and knowing that you are home. I’m convinced that this is one of the most amazing places I have ever been and aside from friends and family being in San Diego, if I never went back again, I don’t think I’d be sad. I’m just hoping now that Maryland, my new home sometimes next year, will be just as amazing to me. But, if it isn’t, we are only required to be there for 3 years, and I know now of somewhere I would love to raise my kids, right here in small town USA –midwesterner style.

xoxo, Amanda
OH by the way... how do you guys feel about Weight Watchers? I started this morning and at first was a little nervous but the more I'm learning.. I am really getting excited. My goal is to loose 20lbs so wish me luck! I picked up the cook book this afternoon and some of the recipes sound sooooo good!!! One thing that irritated me though was today I took my little sis, her friend, and my little bro (and my sweet Kay of course) to Culvers and even though I DREAM about their burgers decided to be a good girl and get the grilled chicken cashew salad with fat free vinaigrette... I get home and log online to enter my points and wouldn't you know.. the stupid salad was 11 points and the burger I wanted was only 9!!!!! what the crap is all I have to say about that!! Also, in San Diego the grocery store was loaded with the weight watchers little pre-pointed goodies etc... here I can barely find anything!! oh well, I'll make it work!!!

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  1. Hi! I saw your comment on Goodnight moon and thought I would pop over and be a new milspouse blogger friend! Good for you finding happy things about a new town, it will serve you well for the rest of your time attached to the military!
    Two of my sisters did weight watchers and loved it. One of them lost 80 pounds in less than a year. Once you get used to it and start learning the points associated with your favorite places and food it will become like secong nature. Good luck with it all and I look forward to reading along with your adventures!


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