Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 3!

Well, I'm on day three and I have to say I am so proud of myself! Yesterday (Day 2 of the Cleanse) was a little tough but I pushed through. While my husband is away I have been living in MN with family and that has made it incredibly hard for me to diet and loose weight! I am the only one dieting so there are still lots of sweets, junk food, and other tempting things for my brothers and sisters. I can truly pat myself on the back because while playing a game yesterday both my sister, her boyfriend, and my youngest sister all ate chocolate peanut butter bananas which happens to be my all time favorite thing! I didn't even have a single bite or taste! So I am pretty proud. I did however had a single bite of meatloaf while I was making my salad. My family had meatloaf, potatoes, and shells with cheese which happens to be one of my favorite meals so I am pretty proud of the fact that I only had a bite of meatloaf! I also had a small handful of chex mix while I was setting up snack for the youth group at church but over all I think I am doing really well and I am very pleased. I also did really good with my water! You're supposed to drink 2-4Liters and I drank about 3!

As of this morning for day 3 I was down 7 pounds from what I weight last week. I know that this will change as I go back to having some regular meals but I am feeling pretty good about it! I decided to hold off on working out until tomorrow when I am done with the cleanse and onto the regular dieting aspect. I am already working towards drinking my second Liter of water, and had my shake and a tangerine. I was going to drink my green tea in a bit. I'm also incredibly proud because Thursday I got to an awesome Bible study and they usually have morning treats like scones, muffins, etc! Well today they had coffee cake that smelled divine, and I didn't eat a single crumb!!! So I feel like I am truly making progress in areas I didn't think I could or would!

I have been some decisions about my diet and I think I am going to limit myself to one grain a week always whole grain whether its a roll, pasta, or rice. I am going to aim for only once a week. And also once a week I will give myself one cheat meal. I think I need to hold myself back as much as possible in the beginning while it's the hardest especially. I plan on going to the grocery store later to get lots of veggies, fruits, and meats for the week!

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