Saturday, October 5, 2013

31Days: Why Grace?

The simplest answer to this is... why not grace?!

But seriously.... Why grace?

Because I'm tired of living the "try-hard" life
Because I'm tired of living the way people expect me to
Because I am tired of being bound up in guilt or shame 
Because strongholds have no place in my life
Because there is beauty in me in the here and NOW regardless of what the world says
Because I won't want to live under the law.
Because I want to take hold on that gift called grace and LIVE IN IT not look at it
Because I want to be poured over and covered in and enveloped in Grace!
Because FREEDOM only comes from His Grace!
Because I want to live so freely in it that I extend it soooo freely to the people around me.
Because I want my house to be a place of grace and peace and mercy.
Because I want to live WILDLY for Him.
Because it's through His grace that all things are possible.
 Because I want to stop saying I am not worthy when every ounce of HIS being tells me that I am.
Because I want to live in the beauty and see it just as it is.
Because it's His grace that has build such a beautiful life around me.
Because I want to share this grace with my sisters who are stuck in any and all bondage and TRULY be able to show them freedom.
Because this is the step I am at right now. 
Because I accepted His grace and lived in his mercy where I was at 6 years ago,
but now he is poking and proding at me for more.
Because this is a journey.
Because Christ died for me to accept this freedom,
and it's TIME for me to live it to the very fullest way possible.

Because grace is meant to be accepted.
Because grace is meant to be lived out.
Because grace is lavishly poured out to me.
Because grace is of the father,
and I want to live in every single thing that comes from Him.

There is freedom in grace and it's time I start living in THAT and accepting it as MINE.


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