Thursday, October 3, 2013

31 Days: Grace.... A Gift Freely Given

Grace is a gift.

It's a gift freely given from God, something that we could never work for or earn or ever take credit for (Ephesians 2:8-9). It's a gift simply because He loves us and wants us to have it. It is an absolutely free expression of God's love for man. Grace is something that should stir up a reaction in us.

The very definition of grace is unmerited favor, good will, loving kindness, beauty, and bounty.

The greek word for grace is charis. It means grace, particularly that which causes joy, pleasure, gratification, favor, acceptance, for a kindness granted or desired.

Grace is what separates us from the law and from death. Grace is what makes us alive, it is what raises us up.

Grace is a gift so freely given, but the thing is.... most of us as Christians know what grace is. We read about it in the Bible, we sing about it in worship songs, we write about it in journals, and praise God for it in prayer, and we share about grace with the people around us... and yet so many of us don't live in grace in the day to day.

Grace is a gift so freely given from the father and not so easily excepted by us as his children.

At least if I am being honest I know that's where I have been for most of my "saved" life. I know about grace, I read and sing and talk and pray about grace, but for so long I wasn't truly living in His grace.

I was living stuck under the law without even really realizing the bondage I was placing on myself as I danced around the pretty gift of grace but I wouldn't go and stand under it, wouldn't be covered in it, wouldn't dance IN it! It's funny the little ways the Lord begins to make us aware of these things like a devotional, a sermon, a conversation, a song, a blog, a Beth Moore Simulcast.  ;]

I want to be a woman who lives fully emerged in His grace.
I want to be a woman who relies so heavily on Him and His grace that I can't deny it or imagine it any other way, a woman so covered in His grace that it makes me emotional at the thought of it.
 I want to be a woman that is so full of His grace that it oozes out of me onto every person I come into contact with, a woman that speaks life and love and grace towards her children, towards her husband, towards her friends, and towards strangers because of the infinite grace pouring into my heart.
I want to be so enveloped in grace that when I have moments of weakness or guilt as a mom or a wife or just a woman that they don't cause me to stumble mightily or give the enemy a foothold in my life, but instead remind me even more of the amazing, awe-inspiring, BOUNTY of grace that He gives.
I want to be a woman so wrapped up in grace that I take steps towards His plan and move boldly towards his purpose even when the world tells me to be scared or doubt.

I want to be a woman that so freely accepts the gift of grace that God has so freely given me. 

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