Wednesday, October 2, 2013

31 Days of Growing in God's Grace ... and falling in love with writing again...

Around the Blog world you might notice a LOT of bloggers taking part in 31 Days in October with The Nester. It's a writing challenge where you pick ONE topic and write about it every single day in October, 31 days straight. I have seen it for a while, all of my fav bloggers and friends seem to be doing. I thought it sounded fun, but much like other areas of my life used excuses to talk myself out of why I couldn't or shouldn't or wouldn't do it.... the thing is... most of those "reasons" were mere excuses out of fear. If you know Jessi over at Naptime Diaries you know that she's been really speaking to her spear of influence about living "Wild + Free" and about not letting Fear control us. God has really used her in the last year to speak to my heart and with a mixture of the truths she is speaking (which are powerful yall) and plethora of other ways God has been speaking to me lately I knew there was no ignoring this challenge (even though I tried) and that's why even though I am showing up late to the party, I am showing up.

I spent a few days battling what I could even possibly talk about for 31 days that people who care about... the funny thing is that I knew the first day but kept ignoring and trying to change the topic. Finally today I realized the call and the challenge and I accepted it. God has been speaking mightily to me this year about His grace... Grace that He SO freely gives, but isn't always as easy for us to accept. And I knew that I would spend these next 31 days exploring His grace, growing in His grace, falling even more in LOVE with this grace He gives us, and sharing my journey in words that He has had me on for a while. And in the process of exploring and growing and loving His grace, I think He plans to help me explore and grow and fall back in love with writing for Him, and for a purpose. I would be lying if I said this wouldn't be a challenge.. I don't know if I have ever truly been a "regular" blogger, but it certainly hasn't been lately... but I am so excited about this guys. So excited to dig in and live under grace and to write about it along the way.

I can't wait to share so many different bits of my heart with you guys as I explore more of His heart.

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