Monday, August 6, 2012

What We've Been Up To...

Hey Friends!

It was really nice to take a long break from blogger. To focus on myself, my family, school, and some fun other projects going on.

So here's some of our fun stuff...

Sierra Joy was born April 25th 2012 at at 8:02pm after 5mins of pushing.
She weighed 7lbs flat and was 19 inches long. 
She had a beautiful head of dark hair and stole her mommy, daddy, and sister's hearts instantly.

Her big sister, Kaylee, is so very in love with her "Her" and spends lots of time doting over her. 
She also likes to pick on her and steal her blankets, but hey what are sisters for? 

We've done some fun things this summer, 
pool time, trips to Richmond, parks and play dates, 
auntie jenny visiting, grandma deb visiting, and exploring DC,
but mostly we are just loving getting adjusted as a family of 4
and spending time loving each other 

We also celebrated my sweet Kaylee's 2nd Birthday -- Princess Style

We have finally come to the end (fingers crossed) of our house troubles
and are finally doing projects around the house that we want to do
like redoing the pavers in the front walk way

and we redid the garage... 
fixed all the dry wall, painted the walls, and did a special epoxy floor

We started leading a young marrieds small group in our home through our awesome church,
and we have been making some really great friends,
both for us
and for our kiddos!

My hubs is in his last class for his degree and in a few weeks
he will his Bachelor's Degree!
He is already set up and will be starting his master's program in December
and I am so proud of him!
I am starting my last year, and will finally have my degree, woohoo

Now, mommy and daddy aren't the only ones learning and moving forward
Kaylee is getting so big and growing up every single day
She's learning, and talking, and blows my mind all the time.
We're potty training... with her leading!
 You can read all about our valiant potty training attempts in my guest post here

Also, I now how a twitter and facebook page for my blog.
Check them out, and follow me.


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  1. Very cute pictures and small groups are great! The families in my fellowship are sometimes just too tired with the kids and we don't meet up as much.


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