Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Using the Tools

If there is one thing I'm learning as a mommy,
it's that I not only desire to be the best mommy possible
but I also desire to teach my children, 
to help my girls know the beautiful God I serve,
to help them know about the ultimate sacrifice Jesus paid
for them, and for me, and for all of us. 

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On a sweet Sunday morning, just days after my precious baby girl was born,
with a bunch of friends and family present,
we dedicated our sweet Kaylee Jewel to the Lord.
On that day, 
Mike and I both made a promise
to our daughter
and to our God
with the support, encouragement, and accountability of our friends and family
to raise our daughter in the way of the Lord.
To  teach her about God,
to teach her the biblical definition of right and wrong.
but more importantly to teach her to LOVE.

Now we have not only one precious angel, but two, 
we have two beautiful, vibrant little girls full of so much life and love.
Two little girls, that when I look in their eyes, 
I feel the kind of complete the kind of happiness
the kind of undying love
that words can virtually never define.
Except for the way that I feel inside 
because of the love of my Savior. 

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So, I here I am
honoring my commitment
and it's been surprisingly easy and yet surprisingly scary
I have read several amazing book
that have truly shaped the way that I mother my children
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A lot of things stuck with me,
but something that really hit me
that I knew I could do right now to help
came from The Mission of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson
She talks about the fact that we can't help our kids learn
if we don't have the tools
and this is also true of teaching our children about the Gospel
we cannot teach our little ones if don't invest in the tools to do so.
Sally Clarkson says that in the early years of her marriage and her children's lives
she and her husband made a decision to put money aside every paycheck
so that they could buy materials to help them teach their kids.
She said they would buy all sorts of Christian resources
music, movies, games, books, toys
all sorts of materials to help teach her children in a way they understand

Which brings me to
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I can remember watching VeggieTales with my wonderful adopted/2nd family
from the first days I met them (5th grade/10 years old)
and so naturally,
I am thrilled to be sharing them with my little girls.
The funny part is...
I still remember a lot of the words
but I especially remember the songs.
When Kaylee watches them,
(which is all the time)
she gets so excited
but she also tells me "shhhh no shing ma-ee"
in the cutest little voice

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We have all sorts of movies
and also watch them on Netflix
we also bought a VeggieTales Bible Songs CD on iTunes
which Kaylee loves
so I am planning to burn it to a CD and put it in the car
We have some other great Christian books as well.

And little buy little I will build up our VeggieTales collection
and our Christian Resources as well.
I want to get some games to play with my girls
and other fun stuff
and not just for the girls, but for the whole family.

I am so excited to share my life with my girls
to be the best mommy possible
and to raise my girls up.

Do you guys have any tips on teaching your kids?
What are your favorite Christian resources?


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