Friday, July 1, 2011

Mil Spouse Weekly Round-Up!

I am so excited that I am this weeks host of the MilSpouse Weekly round-up!! I have been linking up for a while and found some awesome blogs and bloggy friends, so it will be exciting to see who links up this week! Anyways, if you've never stopped by my page welcome! I hope that you will take a look around, explore my different links, and start following my blog regularly.

A little bit about me...
My name is Amanda.. I'm a twenty something girl.. and I have been married to the love of my life for almost 3 years. He happens to be a Sailor in the USN. He was on a ship for 4 years, we met in San Diego (Where I'm from) and have done 2 deployments and way more time apart in our marriage than together, but that is all about to change! We recently got moved to Maryland where he is doing his shore duty.... which means a LOT more time together and home! We have a beautiful little princess named Kaylee.. She is 14 months old and absolutely the biggest blessing in our life, we are on the new, fun, exciting, and sometimes crazy adventure of parenting a toddler! Ohhh the drama and tantrums! hahaha.. I am going to school online through Liberty University -- I'm getting my bachelors in Religion with a double minor in Church Ministries and Christian Counseling. God has been doing big things in my life lately and I am so excited to see the directions He is taking me. I am working from home as a Beachbody Coach to make some extra money and LOVING it (find out more about how you can do it too HERE). I love that I am making money, while helping people, and getting fit physically and financially especially now that it's totally free for the military to sign on!! I am starting to train for a 5k and eventually more.. it's one of my life goals/bucket lists to do a mud run! I am also getting ready to start an advanture with INSANITY the work out program by beachbody so check back on my progress with that! I also am a writer for the Homefront United Network, if you haven't checked our their site you REALLY should. It's a great place to get support, connect with other military people, and read tons of articles about a LOT of great information both military and just plain life related. I also love cooking, (used to love baking but haven't done that in a while because I have no self control and would eat all the sweets if I made them! HA!), reading when I can squeeze it in, music, scrapbooking when I can find time which isn't usually, game nights (which haven't happened since the move.. MUST make more friends.. haha), pictures, smiling, family time, going to church and exploring our new beautiful city...

I can't wait to hear on over to your site and learn more about you!!


  1. thanks for hosting. i am now you newest follower!

  2. new follower from the roundup. Thanks for hosting.

  3. Thanks so much for hosting!

    good luck with your degree & career and I hope y'all enjoy Maryland! My husband has had more sea time on his shore tours... ;-)


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